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The major online store reported to cease up sales of electronic cigarettes on its website. The decision came up as a result of massive criticism from multiple public health organizations, which warned the owners of internet retailer about possible legal actions for simplifying the access to a product that was declared toxic and hazardous for health by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA experts as well revealed the results of the laboratory analysis of electronic cigarettes, showing the devices to contain carcinogens and other toxic substances in the liquid from the cartridges inside them.

amazon has stopped e-cigs sales

After the experts had announced the results of the tests, various health organizations, led by Action on Smoking and Health began calling on the FDA to outlaw the electronic cigarettes and warned wholesalers about their legal liability of selling poisonous products on the legal basis.

Recently, after getting a notification of possible lawsuits from the coalition of public health organizations, popular social network Facebook prohibited advertisements of e-cigs and PayPal reportedly took measures to crack down sales of the devices.

In addition, several countries around the globe prohibited distribution and even possession of electronic cigarettes. Among such countries are Australia, Taipei, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Israel and Brazil. In August, Oregon became the first US state to ban e-cigarettes, with its steps followed by Connecticut, where the Attorney General filled a lawsuit against distributors of these products.

Currently, California lawmakers are also considering implementation of the ban on e-cigarettes, that could create a chain-reaction for other states, as anti-smoking advocates hope. Many shopping centers, where the electronic cigarettes have been selling, began demanding a quality certificates and liability insurance; whereas the Washington Supreme Court is likely to issue a decision that would uphold prohibition of the importations of e-cigs into the United States.

According to the reports, the administration of has started notifying the merchants about the ban by means of the following letters: “We have banned the distributions of the devises known as electronic cigarettes, components for these devises and products of similar kind. A complete list of products banned from our sites can be found in the attachment for this letter. has the right to delete any product we consider to be inappropriate or illicit for We are sending this message because we have determined that you are distributing a product we consider to be inappropriate for our site. For additional information, please visit the Inappropriate Products section. To avoid the locking of your account, please avoid listing the prohibited products on our site.”

Electronic cigarettes represent probable jeopardy to consumers, to teenagers who could use the devises because of their tasty flavors, and to all other people, including those suffering from different chronic respiratory diseases and allergies, even if they don’t use the e-cigs themselves, since the devises a producing a vapor containing a mixture of nicotine, unknown chemicals and propylene glycol, which can lead to various infections of respiratory tract.

The FDA experts tested the ingredients contained in cartridges of electronic cigarettes made by leading companies in that segment. The analyses showed that liquid from the cartridges contained diethylene glycol, a toxic substance used in antifreeze and hazardous to humans. In addition other samples contained nitrosamines, chemicals known to cause cancer.

Cigarette vending machine – Wrong job

Wrong job and cigarette vending machine

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Online cigarette stores review

And here we go, the list of trustworthy online cigarette shops – I used to order here. I hope this will help You to save a couple of dollars 😉 So, I am going to review the following sites:

I will rate those 3 by the following criteria:

1. Cigarettes price: I will place my order for (1 carton / 10 packs / 200 cigarettes) of Marlboros. Here is the price range including shipping cost:

  • = $21.4
  • = $23.3
  • = $27.5

2. Delivery time: As those cigs are shipped from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova) delivery takes 14-25 days as it’s stated in F.A.Q.s

  • = 16-25 days
  • = states nothing
  • = 10-21 days

All my orders arrived in time. (I used to buy 6 cartons, now I’m a non-smoker;) There was a delivery gap between parcels arriving as they divide orders in parcels of 1, 2 or 3 cartons depending on the amount.

3. Variety of cigarettes: All of those shops offer most popular cigarette brands such as:Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Parliament, Viceroy… However each one has it’s own unique cigarette brands so i would advise you just to check those up…

4. Support: Contacted all of those, all answered in good manners and quite fast. No complaints here.

Conclusion: Of course this doesn’t mean the other sites are not trustworthy, however the scum takes place so it takes time and money for each service to be checked. Anyway the choice is up to You.

Flickr – smoking celebrities

Mickey Rourke

Description: The “almost forgotten” actor returned with a sensational comeback in THE WRESTLER and earned an Academy Award nomination for that role in 2009

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mickey rourke smoking

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george burns smoking

Helen Walker

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helen walker smoking

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Catherine Deneuve smoking

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Brad Pitt smoking in his car

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Ready to quit?

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Andie MacDowell

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celebrity smoking - Andie MacDowell

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