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Vitamin C a Help for Smoking Pregnant Women

Whereas the majority of pregnant women know that smoking is very dangerous for the health of their developing babies, still, many of them are not able to quit their nasty habit. However, the positive news for those women is that scientists think that consuming Vitamin C can help to prevent the negative effects of smoking on unborn children. Lighting up while being pregnant can result in premature childbirth, problems in development of fetus and even death of fetus. Moreover, it could as well the development of baby’s lungs, since nicotine can penetrate into the placenta. Consequently, infants could get less lung function and be exposed to respiratory diseases.

Consuming Vitamin C can help to prevent the negative effects of smoking on unborn children

Recently, researchers revealed that Vitamin C provides a hand of help for those women who can not kick down their smoking habit while expecting, as can offer a protection against some diseases.

During a research carried out by the Oregon Health & Science University research group, the scientists discovered that pregnant monkey given both vitamin C and nicotine and, gave birth to babies with a close to normal level of air flow in the lungs. The scientists divided pregnant monkey into three groups – one group was given both nicotine and Vitamin C, second group given neither Vitamin C nor nicotine, and the third given only nicotine. The amount of nicotine was similar to that consumed by average pregnant woman. The second group, which received no nicotine was used as the control group.

Whereas the research was performed on monkeys, the research group admit the findings are pertinent for humans as well. However, they believe that more research has to be carried out to estimate how much Vitamin C has to be consumed by pregnant women to achieve similar health benefits, and to check and guarantee that higher intake of Vitamin C during pregnancy doesn’t lead to adverse effects in pregnant women and their babies.

The research group highlighted that though consumption of Vitamin C during pregnancy had positive effects on the babies, it still could not prevent all negative effect of smoking during pregnancy. For instance, Vitamin C doesn’t counteract lower body weight and brain development.

Another positive effect of consuming Vitamin C by pregnant women is that it can reduce the odds of their waters coming too early. This benefit is found among all pregnant women, regardless of whether they are smokers or not. According to a study performed by Mexican National Institute of Perinatology, pregnant women were divided into two groups, with one group consuming 100mg of vitamin C daily, and the other not. The study found that the group who took the vitamin C, had fewer cases of their waters coming early, thus reducing the risk of having infections related to premature birth.

The Former “Friends” Star Gives Up Smoking Due To Yoga

Firstly Britain analysts of Exeter University determined that physical activity reduces craving for cigarette, the interest towards it and decreases the smoking importance. According to specialists point of view, due to sport people can easier give up this harmful habit, besides they will feel less psychological pressure when they meet with a smoker.

Yoga helps quit smoking

Yoga is one way to quit smoking. Maybe it seems quiet strange; still it can really play an important role in your smoking cessation and considerably facilitate your nicotine withdrawal pains. The star of TV series “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston confirmed this fact as she by herself gave up this smoking addiction thanks to yoga. For a long time she preferred smoking to a healthy diet and exercising. Namely the love for yoga served as fundamental factor of her healing. “This gorgeous meditation allowed me to see my life in a new light, find an easy mind, harmony, rise my mental and physical state”, – she said.

Yoga fosters resoluteness and will, qualities which are necessary for you if you decided to reject nicotine. Number of people starts smoking because of mental and emotional problems and yoga is a perfect means of inward peace renewal. Yoga teaches to understand your body. With the lapse of time you feel how it protests against unhealthy toxins, and in spite expected pleasure from cigarette you will feel discomfort. It helps you to come off smoking without additional weight gaining and other side effects.

Jennifer told us her simple example from respiratory yoga, which will relieve you to cope with the thirst for cigarette. Breathe in as deep as possible, and then breathe out slowly. During expiration slowly touch your breast by your chin. Imagine like all the stress, tension and other emotional problems gradually come out of you through your fingers and toes. Repeat this exercise no less than 3 times. There is nothing difficult.

The benefits of quitting smoking, as Jennifer will have found out, are truly unlimited. We all expect our health to improve, but that is just the beginning of this wonderful journey. Getting out of smoking not only gives you a feel of refreshment, but every breath you take feels so pure and. A relaxing and sound sleep and tremendous energy whole day is also an outcome of smoking cessation.

It can be hard work at times, notably at the beginning, but yoga and meditation, as Jennifer did, are perfect medicine and work wonders when it comes to dropping smoking.

With all of the damages to health smoking can cause, it’d be a good idea to follow Jennifer’s example and come it off.

In conclusion, it is worth to say that yoga will help you not only to leave off smoking, but it will improve your health, broken by smoking, will soup you up as well.

Is Smoking Becoming A Stumbling Block In Your Family Relationship?

“Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” – confirmed Mark Twain.  It is not easy to fight down this pernicious habit. To be more exact, the habit can be considered only one-time, irregular smoking, for instance, 1-2 cigarettes, smoked in a company or at work. Such lucky men, who are not exposed to this smoking addiction, are merely 5%. The rest cannot live without smoking item.

Cigarette dependence

The smoking habit develops into disease that is called tobacco dependence. It is hard to get out of it. There appear irritability, aggression, depression state, anxiety and many others. It is a challenge for either smoker or for his family and relatives to overcome his/her nicotine withdrawal pains. Quite often it becomes a stumbling block in family relationship. Because of smoking occur controversy, misunderstandings, and quarrels in family which consequently may lead to divorce or other serious consequences.

Smoker frequently comes under criticism of his/her spouse, friends, relatives who, being non-smoker, cannot bear anymore the awful toxic smoke, proceeding from a burning cigarette.

Though, it is very easy to say to smoker “drop this terrible habit” if you have never tried it by yourself. Non-smokers can hardly realize what unbearable it is. And it is true. Referring this matter many scientists state that chain smokers, for whom simple smoking process became the integral part of their life, shouldn’t quit it in a moment as it may trigger their health, how incredibly it won’t sound.

One of the most repulsive things which are associated with smoking is tobacco smell. Smoker shouldn’t accuse his/her non-smoking beloved persons or friends for disliking smoking because what can be worse than a terrible stink from a cigarette smoke which leaves on you, on your clothes?

Being in smoker’s company and inhaling the smoke of his cigarette, you feel like you are puffing too, as the smoke enters in your lungs as well and you start to suffocate and cough. If you share a home with non smokers, they do not enjoy the fact that their clothes, furniture and everything else in the home has this insupportable smell. Non smokers usually do not want to see objects that remind them about this disgusting habit such as cigarette packs, ashtrays, lighters, thrown about the house.

Unfortunately, the simple words of non smokers, begging a smoker to stop smoking, don’t render any impact. That is why non smoker spouses are forced to resort to more strict means.

Even smokers who share a house with a non smoker have found themselves banned to the outside to enjoy a cigarette.

In case you are not capable to give up smoking, there exists an alternative, which will absolutely impress as you so your non smoking half. This alternative will help you not to leave smoking off at all and stop annoying your family. It is talked about an electronic cigarette. Due to this cigarette, your family and friends won’t tell you a word about insupportable smell of your cigarette as the e-cigarettes do not emit any smell. The reason of this is the lacks of toxic second hand smoke like tobacco wither. There is no tar to build up that sticky brown residue on you, your belongings, your home or car.

But the only one way, how not to have problems within family on this topic, you should just understand each other and find a compromise, which will suit as smoker so non smoker.

Women’s Emotions Tranquilizer is Simple Cigarette

Emotions (derives from Latin word “emoveo”, signifying “exciting, amazing”) is a special class of psychological phenomena, exhibited in a form of spontaneous, biased experience of a person connected with life sense of these phenomena.

Woman smoking a cigarette

The given class is presented by some types such as emotions of wanting: anticipation, greed, hope, envy, desire, love; emotions of not wanting: fear, shame, repulsion, contentment; emotions of having: happiness, pride, guilt, jealousy; emotions of not having: anger, sadness, distress and others. Emotions are what we feel inside of our bodies. It is good when positive emotions prevail in your life, but what should you do if it isn’t so? How do people cope with negative emotions which sometimes fill them?

It may seem strange at first sight; still women are more exposed to negative emotion’s expression. Being the representatives of the fair sex, women are more sensitive to everything; they take it too close to hearts than male sex. And the first their tranquilizer in such situations is simple cigarette. That is why it is very difficult for them to quit it even if they hunger after it.

Under the words of a leading doctor of known rehabilitation center, women have more trouble quitting cigarettes, in comparison with men, as smoking helps them to endure strong emotional shocks, problems. Most women prefer smoking tobacco to pills, being convinced that it is capable to plane state of mind and to calm them down.

Since 2006, the University of Hong Kong’s school of public health has offered gender- specific counseling under a “Smoking Cessation Service for Female Smokers.” There was carried a survey in which participated 332 women smokers. The results of this survey have revealed that the percentage of women smokers, within an average age of 35, who quit after going through the program, made up 26.5%. The number is to a little degree higher than of previous studies, in which 21.9 percent of females stated that they had dropped smoking after non-gender-specific counseling.

The professor of the department of nursing studies at the university’s Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, Sophia Chan Siu-chee, emphasized that, regardless the fact that the increase in the success rate is not substantial enough, still the effect rendered by this program is obvious. Although the majority did not quit smoking entirely, 56% of women succeeded to lower tobacco consumption, while 12% returned to their original consumption levels.

“The main reason of inability to give up this habit is smoking craving. When they are not happy, they tend to smoke. When they have discords in family, misunderstanding with beloved persons, job problems, they take cigarette”, added the professor.

The study also showed that the increase in tobacco taxes resulted to a surge in the number of women involved in the program.

The director of the school of public health, Lam Tai-hing, wailed over the fact that warnings on cigarette packs are too mild and should be reformed in order to operate and the financial secretary should think about increasing the tax again this coming budget by another 10 percent at least.

How to Keep a Tobacco Pipe Clean

If you smoke a pipe or are thinking of smoking a pipe to save money, you know how expensive a pipe can be. Whether you own a five dollar corncob or a thousand dollar masterpiece, you need to keep it clean to enjoy it for many years to come. Here are a few guidelines to help you protect your investment.

Cleaning tobacco pipe

Step 1

Take your time and smoke slowly. A pipe is not a cigarette, you can actually damage your pipe if you try to smoke it like one. Puff, don’t suck.

Step 2

As soon as you are done smoking, blow any condensation and loose tobacco down into the bowl.

Step 3

Run a pipe cleaner through it. Try to push the cleaner all the way down to the bowl, but not into the bowl.

Step 4

Use a pipe cleaner that fits snugly, but not tightly.

Step 5

Tap your pipe out. Tap it on something soft, like the cork knobs you can buy to put into an ashtray. Don’t bang it or hold it by the mouthpiece when tapping, that can break or chip it.

Step 6

Once a week I use a thicker pipe cleaner and pipe sweetener on my pipes to remove the varnish and tar that can build up. Make sure to let the pipe dry and don’t let the liquid touch the finish on the outside.

Step 7

Every few months, you should trim down the cake (burnt tobacco which “cakes” up over time inside a pipe bowl) with a wire bore brush. This helps keep small bits of tobacco from plugging the smoke holes.

Step 8

If you have a meerschaum or corncob pipe, use a bowl scraper and prevent a cake from developing. While a cake is a good thing on a briar pipe, it WILL crack a meerschaum. I use a sharp pocketknife.

How to Choose and how to Smoke Tobacco pipe

Before there were cigarettes or cigars, there were pipes. Most early tobacco use was for pipes. Today, pipes can range in cost from $25 to several thousand dollars each. The beauty of pipe smoking is the advantage of being able to smoke a variety of tobaccos, each with a different aroma and taste. Like varieties of coffee, pipe tobacco tends to smell better than it tastes, but aficionados enjoy savoring the smell and the taste in combination.

Choosing tobacco pipe

Step 1

Start with basic down-the-street stores like pharmacies. Several pharmacy chains still carry pipe tobacco and some of it isn’t bad. Some pharmacies have their own brand on pipe tobacco. Try basic cavendish styles or cherry-flavored tobacco. There are some better-known brands, too, such as Captain Black available there.

Step 2

Move to an actual tobacconist shop. Even a small shop will have a variety of pipe tobaccos in glass humidors. Get a sense for how the blend looks. Tobacco blenders tend to make their blends so they look appealing. Look at what appeals to you.

Step 3

Ask the tobacconist to let you smell the tobaccos that appeal to you. This is quite standard and the proprietors will be happy to help you.

Step 4

Choose two to four tobaccos that smell good. They will taste different than they smell, but you will come to extrapolate the difference as you become more experienced. Pipe tobacco generally is sold by the ounce, so get one ounce of each one you like.

Step 5

Choose the correct pipe to smoke each tobacco in. One of the reasons pipe smokers have a variety of pipes is because they will use only one tobacco in each pipe. This maintains a pure taste.

Smoking a tobacco pipe is a time honored tradition as old as our great nation. America’s very first cash crop was tobacco. And while smoking cigarettes has fallen out of favor, the relaxing pastime of reading the paper while smoking a pipe by the fire has kept it’s popularity. Perhaps it reminds us all of a simpler time.

tobacco pipe smoking accessories

Step 1

Choose your pipe. There are a myriad of pipes from which to choose. Everything from corncob, (which may be best for the person just trying it out) to wooden and clay. If you are an avid pipe smoker you probably know the idiosyncrasies of each. But if you just want to having a nice relaxing smoke, a corn cob pipe is suitable. It requires no breaking in.

Step 2

Pick your tobacco. This is the most important step as it’s the one that will define everything about your experience. There are literally thousands of tobaccos. From sweet to spicy or savory to bitter, choosing the tobacco is a very personal thing. If you’re not sure, speak with your local tobacconist; they may even let you try some samples!

Step 3

Pack the pipe. If this isn’t the first time you’ve used your pipe, be sure to “blow” through the stem to remove any residual bits from the bowl. Pinch an amount of tobacco that looks like it would be slightly bigger than the bowl of your pipe. Pack it lightly into the bowl, being careful not to stuff it too tightly. It should be firm but still with some residual spring. If your pipe is significantly overflowing, remove the excess.

Step 4

Use your tamper. This is a tool that is sold at your local tobacco store and it is used to push any loose ends of tobacco into the pipe. Again push down gently not to over pack the pipe.

Step 5

Light your pipe. Take a few puffs of your pipe, inhaling gently. Air should flow easily and you should get a nice taste and aroma of the flavor you chose. The best matches with which to light your pipe are long kitchen matches. Of course a lighter will work as well. But some purists recommend wood. Now, holding the flame over the pipe, inhale the smoke, puffing it in your mouth. Then use the tamper to pat down the extra tobacco which may have puffed up again after lighting.

Step 6

Relight. This sounds odd, but the process you just completed is called the “false light.” The flame does not hold as the initial sulfur burns off. So repeat the previous process drawing the smoke in to your mouth and puffing as you hold the second flame over the bowl of the pipe. Please note it may take up to fifteen to twenty seconds to light your pipe. Now you should be on your way to a relaxing night of smoking your pipe and resting your feet by the fire!

How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell From a House

Step 1

Cigarette smoke sticks to everything! Remember this as you are cleaning. The first thing to do is wash and sanitize all fabric surfaces. Get Rid of Cigarette Smell From a House Take down the curtains, bedspreads, and even the shower curtain! Wash all of them. Take the covers off of chairs and sofas and wash them if you can. If you can’t, use a carpet cleaner with a hose attachment and clean as much surface as you can. Don’t forget the pillows! If you don’t have access to a carpet cleaner with a hose, try spraying your furniture with OdoBan. It is a great product, it kills germs and leaves a fresh scent.

Step 2

Wipe down the windows. Cigarette smoke leaves a film on even nonporous surfaces. Clean all the windows. You will probably notice the room getting brighter. This would also be a good time to wipe down the blinds with a cleaner. Tar from cigarettes yellow and discolor blinds. If they don’t go back to their original color, it’s best to buy new blinds. You will appreciate this in the long run.

Step 3

Paint the walls. Some of the time, you can get by with washing all the walls with a cleaner but for the most post, you need to paint. Apply a primer first and then select a paint with low VOCs. They are better for you and the environment.

Step 4

Clean the floors. Sweep and mop all hard floor surfaces. Vacuum and clean all carpets. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, spread a little baking soda on the floor and let it set for about 30 minutes, then vacuum. You can spray with Febreeze afterward if you like.

Step 5

Go back and check all of the less obvious places. Wash toys, throw blankets, and wipe down all counter-tops and cabinets. Don’t forget to clean off fan blades and other light fixtures. That should do the trick.

How to Do Smoking Tricks

With this post I open new series of “How to” articles found here – How to do just about everything.

Although doing smoking tricks is by no means the healthiest party stunt you can pull, there’s no denying that it’s impressive. There’s something very aesthetically pleasing about the way smoke moves, and being able to manipulate it with your mouth is a skill to master. Here’s how.


Blow O’s or smoke rings. To do this (and most smoking tricks) you should not take the smoke into your lungs but into your mouth instead. The reason for this is because you will need to retain the smoke much longer than if you were simply inhaling.

Blowing smoking rings

Holding smoke in your lungs for these tricks will make you cough, and that doesn’t look very cool. Use the muscles in your cheeks to suck in a full mouth of smoke, then form a tight “O” shape with your lips, making sure that your cheeks are stretched taut. Make quick, precise movements with your mouth to contract it slightly, and do this several time in succession. A stream of smoke rings should follow one after another.

Step 2

Create another trick-blowing one smoke ring through another. Contract your mouth muscles to push rings out until you figure out how to make some O’s large, some small, some fast and some slow. This will probably take a good deal of experimentation before you get it down. Position your head so that you’re aiming at a downward angle. Blow a medium-sized, slower moving “O.” It will drift upward and expand slightly as it floats up. Right before it reaches about the same level as your mouth, blow a smaller, faster moving “O.” Keep practicing with the size and speed of your O’s until it looks right.

Step 3

Learn the French inhale, arguably the sexiest smoking trick. This is when you take smoke into your mouth, allow it to drift out of your mouth while simultaneously inhaling it through your nose and then exhale through the mouth. To begin, exhale completely so that there is as little air in your lungs as possible, then fill your mouth with as much smoke as you can. Do not blow the smoke out, instead simply open your mouth and allow it to drift out and upward. It may help to jut your lower jaw and bottom lip forward slightly. Once the smoke is drifting upward, inhale long and hard through your nostrils. This will draw the stream of smoke through your nose, into your lungs and back into your mouth. Finally, exhale through your mouth.

Step 4

To make the French inhale even more impressive, blow one large “O” out of your mouth instead of just exhaling. The reason that it’s wiser to stick to one big smoke ring rather than several smaller ones is because the tendency is to lose a lot of the original smoke during the process of the French inhale. This will leave you with significantly less smoke to work with, as well as less lung power.

Step 5

Inhale a drag, allowing a wisp of smoke to escape your lips and then suck it quickly back into your mouth. This trick isn’t as easy as one might think. Fill your mouth with a little less smoke than you used for the last tricks, then form a small opening with your lips for the smoke to drift out of. Once you are able to see a small but thick wisp float in front of you, use the same opening of your lips to gently suck it back in. Do not inhale sharply, as this is likely to make you choke on your mouthful of smoke (it enters your lungs much more quickly this way than if you’re slowly dragging on a cigarette). It might help to lean forward or follow the wisp slightly with your head as you suck it back in.

Smoking bans – a short history

When Michael Martin Introduced his uncompromising smoking ban in Ireland he claimed Ireland was the first country to introduce such comprehensive measures to prohibit the use of tobacco. Like so many other claims he makes, he is utterly wrong.

Throughout history smoking bans and prohibitions introduced by despots and totalitarian regimes have come and gone. The most recent in Europe prior to the introduction of Ireland’s repressive smoking legislation were the anti smoking laws of the Third Reich, introduced by the Nazi’s during their brief but devastating regime in Germany.

Despite some harsh punishments throughout the decades for those disobeying smoking bans including death, smoking and smokers have continued to thrive. Below are some of the failed smoking bans and prohibitions introduced throughout the ages including the proliferation of bans revoked after the failure of prohibition in America.

Stop smoking poster

1575: Mexico:
The first recorded passing of legislation prohibiting the use of Tobacco occurs when the Roman Catholic Church passes a law which prohibits smoking in any place of worship throughout the Spanish Colonies
: World-wide
Popes ban smoking in holy places and all places of worship. Pope Urban VIII (1623-44) threatens excommunication for those who smoke or take snuff in holy places.
1612: China
Royal decree forbids the use and cultivation of tobacco
1617: Mongolia
Mongolian Emperor prohibits the use of tobacco. People breaking the law face the death penalty.
1620: Japan
bans the use of tobacco
1632: America
The first recorded smoking ban in America occurs when Massachusetts introduces a ban on smoking in public places
1633: Turkey
Sultan Murad IV bans smoking and as many as 18 people a day are executed for breaking his law.
1634: Russia
Czar Alexis bans smoking. Those found guilty of a first offence risk whipping, a slit nose, and exile to Siberia. Those found guilty of a second offence face execution.
1634: Greece
The Greek Church bans the use of tobacco claiming tobacco smoke was responsible for intoxicating Noah..
1638: China
The use and supply of tobacco is made a crime punishable by decapitation for those convicted
1639: America
Governor Kieft of New Amsterdam beats Bloomberg by hundreds of years and bans smoking in New Amsterdam later to become New York.
1640: Bhutan
The founder of modern Bhutan, Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal introduces that countries first smoking ban outlawing the use of tobacco in government buildings.
1647: America
People are only allowed to smoke once a day and public smoking is prohibited in Connecticut
1650: Italy
Pope Innocent X’s issues a decree against smoking in St Peter’s, Rome
1657: Switzerland
Smoking prohibition introduced throughout Switzerland
1674: Russia
Death penalty introduced for the crime of smoking.
1683: America
First laws in America passed prohibiting smoking outdoors in Massachusetts. Philadelphia follows suit introducing fines for offenders.
1693: England
First recorded ban in England introduced prohibiting smoking in certain areas of the chambers of parliament

* Smoking bans and prohibitions became rare during the 18th and 19th century. Trade in tobacco became an important source of revenue for monarchs and leaders and tobacco bans were revoked. Even the Pope not to be left out opened a tobacco factory in 1779.

1719: France
Smoking is banned with the exception of a number of provinces.

America and Prohibition

Smoking bans and restrictions found little favour in the developing Industrial world of the 19th century. However in the USA as the century drew to a close moral crusaders outraged by the consumption of alcohol and tobacco by American people began to demand action by federal and state legislators. This culminated in an amendment to the American constitution which allowed for the prohibition of alcohol in 1920.

Believing that prohibition might be “for their own good” Americans at first seemed to reluctantly accept it. However they rapidly grew disenchanted with the oppression. The rich and powerful colluded and rubbed shoulders with gangsters in efforts to maintain the flow of alcohol. Speakeasies flourished, hip flasks became a popular symbol of defiance.

American Anti Cigarette League
Lucy Page Gaston of the
Anti-Cigarette League 1900

During this period the imposition of smoking bans reached a zenith with the sale of cigarettes banned in 15 states. However by 1927, Kansas became the last state to repeal it’s ban on the sale of cigarettes. Other than making the crusaders feel good, prohibition had proved an unsuccessful experiment in social engineering leading to many disastrous consequences. Prohibition was eventually lifted in 1933.

1818: USA
Smoking is banned on the streets of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The mayor is fined when he becomes the first man to break the law.
1840: USA
Smoking is banned in Boston
1893: USA
Washington State introduces legislation banning the sale and consumption of cigarettes
1898: USA
Total ban on cigarettes in the state of Tennessee
1900: USA
The sale of cigarettes is now outlawed in the states of Washington, Iowa, Tennessee and North Dakota
1904: USA
A women is sent to jail for 30 days by a New York judge for smoking in front of her children.
1905: USA
Indiana introduces a total cigarette ban
1907: USA
Washington passes legislation banning the manufacture, sale, exchange or giving away cigarettes, cigarette paper or wrappers
1914: USA
Smoking banned in the US Senate
1922: USA
15 States now have laws banning the sale, manufacture, possession and use of cigarettes

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

We have all heard how bad tobacco products are for our health. Smoking is an addiction that is very difficult to quit, but there are proven techniques that help increase your chances of not only quitting smoking, but never smoking a cigarette again. One of the most effective treatments in helping people to finally stop smoking is the alternative method of hypnotherapy.

According to the American Heart Association, 47.1 million people smoke in the United States. Of men in the United States, 23.5% smoke and out of women in the United States, 18.1% smoke. The statistics are even higher when looking at the worldwide statistics of cigarette smokers.

Hypnotherapy and smoking

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, 50 of which are known to cause cancer. According to WHO, half of the world’s population of children (700 million children) are exposed to tobacco smoke. The International Labour Organization estimates that 200,000 people around the world die from second-hand smoke at work. These statistics show that not only is it important for an individual to quit smoking, but it is also important that they quit for the health of those around them as well.

Smoking is a physical and mental addiction. People become used to the feeling they get from a cigarette. They get used to having a cigarette in their hand and it occupies a great deal of time throughout their day; smokers become used to having an oral fixation with cigarettes. These are all physical aspects of their habit. The mental addiction can be more difficult to overcome. The actual addiction is mental and there is very little someone can do physically to help overcome the mental addiction to cigarettes.

Moses (1987) performed research on treating smoking with hypnotherapy. The researcher points out that smoking deals with habit, addiction, and willpower. All three of these aspects are difficult to treat alone, let alone all together, but hypnosis has shown to be effective in treating the habit, addiction, and one’s willpower to quit. The suggestions used in this study were to get smokers to change the way they viewed smoking and also to become more aware of the negative health effects smoking was doing to their body and overall health. Hypnosis was used to target the smokers’ habit, addiction, and willpower to effectively help them quit smoking. Results of the study showed that using hypnosis suggestions was very beneficial in helping people abstain from smoking tobacco.

Smoking has many negative effects on ones physical and mental health as well as the health of those around smokers. Quitting smoking has so many positive influences on one’s health and a positive economic impact. It is important for people to look into alternative methods of quitting smoking. Hypnosis generally requires only a few sessions to help people quit smoking in the long-term having a huge positive impact on a person’s life.