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Truecaller, display caller’s phone numbers

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Although it doesn’t provide a remarkably detailed call history, TrueCaller remains a helpful caller id. For those who have more spammers calling you than real people, give this app a try. You’ll have all the perks from the caller id without requiring to connect your phone with other things. The blocked-calling feature is certainly an incredible addition for just about any free app, too.

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Japan Tobacco Opens Smoking Lounges in Frankfurt Airport

Camel Smoking Lounge in Frankfurt Airport

Four brand-new smoking lounges under Camel trademark were inaugurated in the Pier A-Plus Frankfurt Airport Terminal One

The world’s third-largest cigarette maker, Japan Tobacco International in cooperation with Frankfurt airport operator Fraport has launched four smoking zones under its flagship Camel brand in the pier A-plus Terminal One at Frankfurt International Airport.

Obama Administration Pulls Back Provision Targeting Smokers

Smokers celebrate, as Obama Administration turns down draconian proposal targeting smokers.

Obama Administration turns down proposal targeting smokers

The Administration of President Obama this week successfully turned down one of the provisions of the federal public health legislation, which would have permitted insurance providers within the small group segment of the market to oblige smokers pay about a half more than those who do not smoke for insurance.

In accordance with the introduced bill, workers who consume tobacco in any form, may escape from paying these larger premiums in case they agree to take part in a smoking cessation programs.

Is Hookah Smoking Less hazardous than Cigarettes

The answer is simple yet categorical – No. Smoking water pipe has a lot of the similar carcinogenic toxins as in cigarettes and even a couple of further health hazards.

Shisha, or hookah, as well recognized as water pipe or hubble-bubble, is thought to have been designed half a century ago after Columbus introduced tobacco leaves back to India. The Indians were searching for a solution to smoke with no coarse burn of tobacco. In hookah pipes, coals heat up specialized wet tobacco generating smoke, which after that moves into a water vessel and then to a pipe where it is eventually} puffed. The water vessel cools down the smoke contributing to an easier inhaling.

Hookah Smoking Not Safer than Cigarettes

Hookah tobaccos are generally flavored with the help of specific molasses, honey and fruit, or fruit extracts. It is widely-advertised as an enjoyable social way to spend some quality time with friends or relax after a difficult day at work. Adolescents and younger adults are the biggest fans of hookah smokers at present. Because of its growing popularity within this age group, various hookah bars and lounges are opening around university towns and downtowns.

Cigar Smoking Could be Allowed in Washington Pubs

If passed, a latest amendment would permit pipe and cigar smoking at around 600 venues.

People smokin  in cigar lounge

The future becomes brighter for Washington’s cigar aficionados, after a bill to permit cigar smoking in a limited number of venues was introduced as a part of smoking-related regulations last week.

According to the proposed amendment to the House Bill 2565 cigar smoking will be permitted in not more than 100 cigar pubs and 500 tobacco shops across the state, meaning that cigar bars and tobacco retailers would have to apply for a license to permit cigar and pipe smoking in their venues. Cigarette smoking is not affected by the bill, as it is completely banned in public places.

The smoking zones would have to be enclosed, separate areas equipped with ventilation systems.

Washington voters prohibited smoking in enclosed public places, including bars and restaurants in 2005. Joe Arundel, head of Washington Cigar Association complained that the measure left adult smokers almost no options.

Little Cigars Gain Popularity in New Jersey

Over the past several years of New Jersey’ increased state and federal taxes a great number of smokers have turned to less-taxed smoking products.

New Jersey implemented a $2.70 tax per cigarette package, and the federal government has established a $1.01 excise tax two years ago.

Less-taxed smoking products such as roll-your-own cigarettes

Less-taxed smoking products such as roll-your-own cigarettes

“The six highest tobacco taxes in the country may discourage many smokers from this hazardous habit and others from starting lighting up,” said Karen Blumenfeld, executive director of Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy.

New Jersey gathered about $742 million in cigarette taxes in 2010. That figure was a 4% decrease, $33.1 million less in comparison to 2008 data.

However the profit from other cigarette products as cigars, chewing tobacco, hookah tobacco and roll-your-own cigarettes increased by 26% in that time, producing $3.7 million more from lower tax rates.

The state has a stipulated wholesale tax on all tobacco products that is 30% of the price the retailer pays the manufacturer.

“If I had to purchase cigarettes for seven or eight dollars, I would think about quitting,” said Schubiger, 52, who bought a 10-pack of little cigars for $22. Had they been cigarettes, he would have paid nearly $75.

“Price is a significant thing; plus I like them very much,” he said.

New Jersey government proposed to tax little cigars the same as regular cigarettes.

“The additional tax will make the little cigars so attractive to present smokers looking for a cheaper alternative,” said Schubiger.

The Office of Legislative Services declared that the bill would raise tax revenue $6 million to approximately $9 million. According to statistics more than 5 million packages of little cigars were sold in 2010.

However increasing taxes will not make people stop smoking, the future increases may affect New Jersey businesses.

A tobacco store that is owned by Melchiondo sells cigars, hookah tobacco, cigarettes, little cigars and roll-your-own tobacco.

“Whether cigarettes are sold for $2 a pack or $8, people will continue to smoke, that will put some weight on the roll-your-own market if that is not taxed any more. The little cigar smokers may switch to roll-your-own,” he said.

Nearly 3.6 billion fewer cigarettes were produced from January to July than last year, as 2 % decrease, according to the data presented by the Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau.

Little cigars are more profitable to sell than regular cigarettes, which unlike little cigars are available approximately everywhere.
Currently in New Jersey about 14% of adult people are smoking.

Tobacco industry using films to promote cigs in India

Popular Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan seen smoking in his latest movie

Popular Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan seen smoking in latest movie

The tobacco companies are more and more looking on cinema for promoting their products across India and neighboring countries, after tobacco advertisements were banned, according to the World Health Organization.

Lately, the cigarette makers have also been stripped of the sponsorships of social events, like music festivals and athletic meetings, what forced their shift to movie industry, the WHO declared in its report “Smokefree movies: From evidence to action”.

A study of popular movies has demonstrated that tobacco products displays boomed in Bollywood after tobacco ads were prohibited in 2004. According to the study, 76 percent of 395 top-grossing movies depicted smoking. The percentage of smoking scenes involving lead characters grew from 22 reported in 1991 up to 54 in 2002, whereas out of the 110 Hindi films shown in cinemas in 2004-2005, 89 percent contained scenes with tobacco use. The main characters were depicted smoking in 75 percent of these films.

The brand displays were equally used to promote premium cigarette brands owned by British American Tobacco and its main rival, Philip Morris International , which entered the Indian cigarette market when tobacco advertising ban took place.

Resorting to movies to promote tobacco use is a worldwide phenomenon. In the United Kingdom, where most types of tobacco ads are prohibited, Hollywood youth-rated movies contained more than 80 percent of all tobacco scenes in 2001-2006. In Australia, a 2008 survey showed that 70 percent of all films depicted smoking scenes, with 75 percent shown in top-rated movies. In Canada, a study published in 2009, showed that 75 percent of smoking scenes were contained in youth-rated films.

The smoking images contained in movies – depicting particular brand or otherwise – are usually consistent with tobacco usage adverts rather than with the images of the severe health complications related to tobacco consumption, the WHO said. Smoking in movies benefit tobacco companies and lure teenagers into smoking, the report highlights.

Hamish Maxwell, the former chairman of Philip Morris International, had admitted this fact in 1983, according to the WHO report, citing him as recognizing that it was vital to continue to use new opportunities to show tobacco on screen in order to promote smoking and keep it a socially-acceptable habit.

The World Health Organization proposed to give adult rating to all films which contain smoking scenes to reduce their possibility to be seen by minors and influence on them. An exception could be given to movies showing hazardous effects of tobacco consumption, it notes.

Some other facts mentioned in the report:

– Films have been associated with underage smoking in India, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, England, Poland, Germany, Scotland, The Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, and Iceland;

– Scenes depicting main characters consuming tobacco rose from 22 percent reported in 1991 up to 54 percent in 2002.

Tobacco Products and Alcohol are More Expensive in Ireland

According to a study realized by the EU statistics agency, Irish consumers encountered the fifth highest overall prices among the 27 EU countries (18 % above average) on several categories of consumer goods and services.

The present survey was based on 2010 prices, it was found out that the cost of goods and services were the highest in Denmark (43% above average) and the most lower in Bulgaria (49% below).

Consumers in Ireland paid above-average prices in four of the six categories, clothing and electronic goods dropping just below the 27 nation tier.

The price of alcohol and tobacco products is 70% above the average, it is nearly three times what people pay in Bulgaria and Romania, and 28% higher than in the UK, that has the second highest prices in this category.

Cigarettes and alcohol in Ireland

Cigarettes and alcohol in Ireland

“This significant price variation happens due to dissimilarities in taxation of these products among member states,” EU statistics agency stated.

A week ago the agency declared that the mean income per head in Ireland joint third highest among the 27 EU countries in 2010 – 25 % higher than the average.

Also the survey underlined that Irish residents encountered the second highest prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages – 20% more than the EU average.

The Danish once again paid more in the food and non-alcoholic beverages category (36% higher than the EU average), while Romania and Bulgaria residents paid only two-thirds of the EU average.

At the average, goods and services cost 18% more in Ireland than in the UK.

The greatest difference between the two was mostly detected in the prices of alcohol and cigarettes (28% higher) and restaurants (26% higher). Probably the only category where people in the UK paid more than Irish residents was for electronic goods, which are 4% less here.

Ireland was also third highest behind Denmark and Portugal, when it comes to personal transport costs and spare parts, paying 16% above the EU average.

Commenting upon the study, the Irish Hotels Federation stated that the statistics hid “essential decrease” in hotel accommodation costs in Ireland since 2008. Prices have decreases by 30% in that period, the federation stated.

Irish Farmers Association state that the survey acknowledged that the food supply chain in Ireland “continues to be unstable”.

According to David Fitzsimons, manager of the Retail Excellence Ireland the survey underlined that the Irish retail sector had answered to a dramatic change in consumer expenditures. “One thing from this survey is clear – a great number of retailers are working at a loss,” he stated.

New York City Residents Oppose Ban on Smoking in Public Places

The New York City will start implementing its resolute ban on smoking in public places, but the majority of smokers state that they would rather fight against than quit.

A lot of Marlboro men and women state that they will break Mayor Bloomberg’s Smoke Free Air Act, which was approved in February and will come into effect on May 23.

NY resident smoking

The new law prohibits smoking in beaches, public parks and Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where it will be very soon illicit to light up and walk. Those who infringe the law will have to pay a $50 fine.

“This situation is unfair because we pay $12 or $13 per pack of cigarettes and now we found that there is no place where we could smoke them. But I will risk and continue to smoke in public,” stated Leor Hadar as he smoked on the Boardwalk.

Bloomberg has been pushing the law, underlining the dangers of secondhand smoke, pointing that even slight exposure to cigarette smoke can cause asthma attacks and various respiratory diseases.

According to a research, about 7,500 New Yorkers die annually from cigarette smoke, and a great number of non-smokers have significant levels of nicotine in their blood.

“The evidences are clear, continuous exposure to secondhand smoke whether at home or in public affect your health,” stated Mayor Bloomberg.

“This is silly. Should we now avoid cabs, bases and everything that possesses harm and affects our health? There are a lot of places that do that,” stated Boerum Hill resident Addy Fox.

Several others smokers stated that the city must not urge them to stop smoking, especially in public places.

“Being in a park, you always have the choice to walk away from those who smoker,” said Josh Black.

One more complicated matter is that smoking is not prohibited on state park that means that smokers can light up at East River State Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park when they want.

In 2002 Bloomberg, being a former smoker significantly raised taxes on tobacco products from $0.08 to $1.50 per package. In the following year he removed cigarettes from bars and restaurants.

And last year the state under the Bloomberg’s guidance, increased taxes with an extra $1.60 per package, thus the price of 20 cigarettes is $14.

At the same time Bloomberg donated hundreds of millions to anti-smoking campaigns. Probably the main problem is that a lot of smokers doubt that the city will be able to implement this new law.

Hookah Venues Prospering in Chicago

Three years after the state prohibited smoking in public places, Chicago hookah venues are most spread than ever.

Employing a loophole that permits owners to smoke inside tobacco shops, a lot of exotic smoking dens have raised in the city since the Smoke Free Illinois Act was adopted in 2008, causing enough worries to some health officials.

Hookah Venues Prospering in Chicago

Concerned by the opening of its first hookah venue, Skokie is the first community to tighten up restrictions in an effort to eradicate the trend.

“We do not want to go back. We don’t want to have smoking in our community,” stated Dr. A. Michael Drachler, chairman of Skokie’s Board of Health.

Becoming more and more popular among teenagers in recent years, hookah originated from India nearly five centuries ago and till now remains a favorite pastime. The often decorated devices use charcoal in order to heat a bowl of flavored tobacco, thus producing smoke that is inhaled through a tube.

About 50 hookah venues are straggling through Chicago and its suburbs.

Illinois law bans smoking in workplaces, restaurants and bars, but tobacco stores are exempt if more than 80% of revenue is received from the sale of tobacco products and accessories. The stores should file annual affidavit with the Illinois Department of Public Health to permit business owners to partake indoors.

“There were cafes and restaurants in town that were permitted to smoke for years and then we ceased them from doing it, and these new venues came in and we stated you can smoke in there. With the urge for smoke-free environments, we just supposed that it was the most appropriate thing to do,” declared Mayor Randy Keller.

About the same time, Palos Hills implemented a tough Cook County ordinance banning smoking in all enclosed public places.

“It became a hangout,” stated Palos Hills Mayor Gerald Bennett.

Often mixed up with fruit and herbs, hookah tobacco is considered safer by adherents, who underline their lower nicotine and tar levels than in regular cigarettes, and the potential filtering advantages of a water pipe.

A regular cigarette possesses more tar and nicotine, but it is burned within five minutes, with about 300 to 500 milliliters of smoke inhaled, according to a research. Hookah session can last for hours, with 10 liters or even more inhaled.

The researches also stated that sharing a water pipe may raise the risk of transmission of tuberculosis and other viruses as herpes or hepatitis.

“It is very pleasant and relaxing. In stead of going to a bar you can simply come here and enjoy it with you friends,” stated Tammy Najjar, a credit analyst.