Relatives of Dallas musician who passed due to Chantix file a suit against Pfizer

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Family of Carter Albrecht who perished two years ago after behaving quite abnormally while being on nicotine-replacement medication Chantix have submitted a legal action against the manufacturer of that drug, Pfizer, charging the pharmaceutical tycoon with failing to alert consumers of the drug about bizarre behavior, suicidal thoughts and other severe mental disorders related to taking the drug.

The death of well-known guitarist Carter Albrecht shocked Dallas two years ago and became most famous case in the row of reports of severe health complications witnessed in people who started taking Chantix to get rid of smoking. Albrecht passed away on September 3, 2007, being accidentally shot to death by his neighbor, who didn’t recognize the musician in a furious man smashing the windows of that neighbor’s house at 4 am.

Lawsuit against Pfizer

The guitarist’s relatives stated that he never behaved so violently and bizarrely until he started to take the medication in order to get rid of smoking cigarettes. The late musician’s wife said that he as well suffered from hallucinations, depression, nightmares, violent behavior and even had suicidal thought immediately after starting taking Chantix and added that if her husband had kept lighting up, he would have been alive currently.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Chantix, back in 2006. Since that time, Chantix, chemically known as varenicline turned to be one of the most popular therapies for people who want to give up smoking. The medication is designed to lock particular receptors, stimulated by nicotine, thus, helping people to kick the habit.

When Albrecht died, the FDA immediately started tracking similar reports of people who also took Chantix and suffered from a wide range of severe adverse effects of the drug. Several months ago the FDA required Pfizer to place “Black Box” warnings on the packs to warn doctors and consumers about the severe side effects of the drug. Such warning is the heaviest measure the FDA can demand to be put on products related with severe adverse effects.

Albrecht’s relatives filled a lawsuit in U.S. District Court of Texas accusing Pfizer of negligent of intentionally misleading marketing of Chantix as a medication with no severe mental health adverse effects.

Meanwhile similar lawsuits have been submitted throughout the country accusing Chantix manufacturers of health complications caused by the medication to people who took it.

Several lawsuits stated that Pfizer intentionally juggled the results of preliminary trials to launch the product to the market. Therefore, such adverse effects like suicidal behavior, depression, schizophrenia and other mental disorders were not mentioned in the warning labels.

Approximately 20 plaintiffs begged a court to unite their lawsuits into a single one, a Multidistrict Litigation what would allow all the lawsuits to be handled by one judge and simultaneously.

It is quite possible that the court would turn these cases to a MDL because of the growing number of similar lawsuits against Pfizer filled to the courts across the nation. Combining the lawsuits in a class action would accelerate the process of getting remuneration for countless people who have suffered from Chantix side effects.

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