Cigarette Makers Rely on Menthol Capsules to Boost Profits

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Lately, the major cigarette makers in international tobacco industry, including Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International are looking on the innovative menthol capsule technology to boost the sales of their tobacco products.

Japan Tobacco International adds new menthol Pianissimo to the brand family

JTI, the third-leading tobacco company in the world, is launching the brand new version of its popular Pianissimo brand. The latest addition, named Pianissimo ViV Menthol is equipped with “Breath Sparkling Shot”, which is a capsule filled with menthol and mounted in the filters. The new product will be selling from November.

Pianissimo Viv with menthol Capsule
Pianissimo Viv with menthol Capsule

The capsule, an innovative technology, developed by Reynolds American, gives adult smokers a chance to enjoy refreshing menthol taste, while smoking a full-flavored cigarette, by simply breaking the capsule, whenever they want to, said JT spokesman.

In addition, according to JTI press release, “Breath Sparkling Shot” also provides smokers with a more delicious aftertaste instead of the soul taste of harsh tobacco after smoking.

The Japan Tobacco International spokesman said that the name for their new product, ViV (shortened from “vivid”) and its packs will transmit the idea of fun and playfulness of the squeezing menthol capsules.

RJ Reynolds introduces new version of landmark Camel Crush

RJ Reynolds Tobacco, cigarette-making unit of Reynolds American revealed new version of innovative Camel Crush brand, launching a full-flavor cigarette with the revolutionary menthol capsule that is squeezed anytime an adult smoker is willing to.

Camel Crush Bold, the newest extension of Camel Crush family has the same tobacco composition as used in classic Camel Filters. This gives adult cigarette lovers a full-flavor smoke, in contrast to Camel Crush, which is closer to Camel Blue in its taste and nicotine contents.

When squeezed, a small capsule placed in the filter provides a small dosage of menthol flavor, offering adult smokers an opportunity to enjoy the fresh menthol taste, switching from the full-flavor taste of tobacco, or even enhance existing menthol smoke.

The ground-breaking technology was initially introduced in 2008, with the launch of Camel Crush. Following the tremendous success of Camel Crush, RJ Reynolds introduced several additional products to Camel Crush line.

Camel Crush Bold with Menthol Capsule
Camel Crush Bold with Menthol Capsule

“Adult smokers loved the possibility to decide if or when they want to get fresh menthol flavoring in their smoke,” noted Richard Smith, for RJ Reynolds spokesman.

Surveys showed that Camel Crush Bold obtained positive feedback form test groups, and not only those who are loyal to Camel, but those smokers, who prefer rival products, expressed interest in Camel Crush.

“Adult cigarette smokers expressed interest to try Camel Crush with a more bracing, richer smoke, and we decided to grant their wish,” said Smith.

Camel Crush Bold is selling in black-and-red packaging. All cigarettes have tiny blue band, which serves as separation line between cigarette paper and tipping, where a small blue camel image is painted making it visible where to squeeze it.

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