The difficult time for tobacco industry

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Currently, Turkey officials are planning to implement an amendment of current nationwide smoking ban. On July 20, smoking in all enclosed restaurants, bars and other establishments that serve food and alcohol would be banned, as country seeks to overcome smoking addiction in the 22-million population, about 35 percent of which smokes.

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Moreover, comprehensive smoking ban as well hits another “smokers’ paradise”, Cyprus, where all public places including workplaces, eating venues, nightclubs and public transport, will become smoke-free, beginning from January 1, 2010. Violators will be subjected to pay large fines.

Let us have a short look into history: Ireland was the first EU country to implement a ban on public smoking almost five years ago, in 2004. Meanwhile America saw its first public smoking restrictions in 2003, when several states, among which was California, prohibited smoking in workplaces. As regards Asian region, Bhutan is the leader in the struggle with smoking, becoming the first country in the world to ban sales of tobacco across the country in 2004.

Here is a flashback of landmark bans on smoking implemented in various countries since 2008:

* 2008:


– France: although smoking in many public places was prohibited back in 2007, country from January 1, 2008, France become completely smoke-free, after banning smoking in restaurants and cafes.

– Turkey: government approved a bill to prohibit smoking in all enclosed public places, subjected to implementation in July 2009.


– Thailand: canceled the exemption, permitting smoking in separately ventilated sections of bars and several outdoor public areas.


– Germany: although country banned smoking in 2007, the ban was challenged in federal court in July 2008.Currently, smoking is allowed in drinking venues that don’t have a possibility to designate a separate section for smokers. The smoking rates in the country account for 30 percent of all adult population.

– Netherlands: government has forbidden in eateries and drinking establishments. However, smoking of cannabis is still legal in coffee shops selling marihuana.

– Switzerland: prohibited smoking in public on July 1.But Geneva Supreme Court gave it residents precious time when ruling that city officials were not entitled to ban smoking.


– India: Prohibited public smoking, trying to curb tobacco addiction in the country famous for its die-hard smoking making up almost 40 percent of all India adults.



– Indonesia: banned smoking in enclosed places, however corresponding legislation is not enforced.


– Croatia: banned smoking in restaurants and eateries, what has risen a wave of protest by hoteliers and restaurateurs as well as simple smokers that account for one million of 4.5 million residents.

– Bulgaria: Government adopted a ban on public smoking, subjected to enter into force in 2010, despite a wave of criticism from tobacco and tourist industries.


– Greece, Cyprus and Turkey: prohibited smoking in restaurants, nightclubs and other public places.

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