E-cigarettes are anything but not safe

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Supporters and activists of electronic cigarettes do their best to attract public to these devices. However, their comments and reviews sound rather strange to scientists.

One company claims that e-cigs are like conventional cigarettes but without hazardous chemicals, another producer even states that these devices are “healthy way to keep smoking”.


Exactly these marketing concepts of safe and healthy smoking puzzle and make scientists laugh, since nicotine contained in the electronic cigarettes as well as in conventional ones is addictive. It leads to changes in the brain chemicals, mainly on dopamine hormone – responsible for feeling pleasure and delight. That makes a hard time for a smoker who wants to give up, because they need to keep the high level of dopamine, and as brain is used to receive this hormone, it can not produce it by itself.

American Heart Association once declared that nicotine addiction is known as one of the hardest addictions to break. And let me remind you that electronic cigarettes contain the same nicotine levels as regular cigarettes, thus making it impossible for a smoker to quit his nicotine addiction.

According to the National Institute of Health, one common cigarette delivers up to 10 milligrams of nicotine. At the same time, an e-cigarette can deliver nicotine varying from 0 to around 16 milligrams that is the highest nicotine level above all cigarettes including regular. Thus, companies who are advertising electronic cigarettes as the future of smoking and healthy alternative to smoking undermine all the previous effort aiming at smoking cessation.

Health authorities become more and more concerned with the spread of these devices since they are new and people may be confused believing that smoking e-cigs would not bring health complication. They are also especially worried that these “healthy” cigarettes can attract children and people who don’t smoke.

The World Health Organization once again made a warning, declaring that there was no scientific evidence to support the statement that electronic cigarettes could be a safe alternative for smoking, or a means to give up smoking.

Unlike other nicotine replacement therapies as gum, patches, or pills that give regulated shots, e-cigarettes haven’t been thoroughly tested. The majority of the sales are completed by means of the Internet stores; the prices for e-cigs vary from $60 to $240 depending on type of kit and brand popularity. Several refill cartridges alone cost equally as a pack of cigarettes.

The FDA has “detained and refused” several e-cigarettes brands because they were unregulated and unapproved and could not be marketed legally in the U.S.

So there is a simple question – if e-cigs are marketed as smoking cessation therapy why should we pay this enormous sum of money for unapproved for e-cigs rather than find approved method more suitable and less expensive?

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  1. my grndparents die of alcoholism which is LEGAL and FDA regulated, my parents die of lung disease from smoking government regulated cancer producing cigarettes, this is absolute bologna! the FDA just wants their piece of the pie (taxable income on this product) they could care less how we get sick as long as it is taxed and regulated by them.

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