Common questions about E-cigarettes

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Although the popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing like a lamplighter, the overwhelming majority of people are still in perplexity regarding these devices. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about electronic cigarettes:

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What is an E-Cig?

The electronic cigarette is a device that looks similar to conventional cigarette and even has a LED at the tip that looks like burning when the electronic cigarette is used. Inside each electronic cigarette, there is a battery, a heating element and a cartridge with pure liquid nicotine solution. Some distributors even offer flavored electronic cigarettes, allowing people to select between different flavors, like, for instance, menthol flavor or tobacco flavor.

How to use electronic cigarettes?

Breathing in through the device activates the heating element, which, in its turn, heats a small amount of pure nicotine solution. When the solution is heated, it is delivered by the system to the user, who inhales and thus receives a shot of nicotine. In addition, when the nicotine is heated and inhaled, the LED switches on, simulating the glowing tip of a conventional cigarette and pointing out that the device is working in the proper manner. The device also produces a vapor that also simulates regular cigarettes, but it does not deliver any smoke.

Is E-cig a smoking cessation device or just a new means of getting nicotine shots?

The first electronic cigarettes were created in China several years ago. Their inventors claimed that e-cigs should help people to give up smoking regular cigarettes, because many smokers admit that widely-know nicotine replacement therapies do not help them. However, the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation devices is still under question, as health officials state that all scientific evidence is yet to come.

Is Electronic Cigarette safe for health?

One of the main components of electronic cigarettes is nicotine. Is nicotine safe?

Is it legal to use electronic cigarettes?

This point brings a major controversy since many countries classify electronic cigarettes in absolutely opposite ways. For instance, the distribution and possession of electronic cigarettes is banned in countries like Australia or Thailand, putting e-cigs in the same row as illegal drugs there. However, in the United Kingdom and several European countries electronic cigarettes are permitted and widely used. As regards the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has halted the importations of electronic cigarettes to the country, however the legitimacy of e-cigs’ usage is still unclear.

At the same time these devices are widely distributed through internet shops and the demand for them is growing, therefore experts urge health organizations to perform the safety test faster.

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