Electronic cigs made in China cause anxiety

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The World Health Organization is concerned with the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes.
Thanks to its slim shape and glowing red tip, the electronic cigarette may easily be confused with an ordinary one. These so-called healthy cigs are gaining immense popularity in the majority of countries where the Public Smoking Ban is imposed, like it is in the United States or EU member countries. It has also an enormous impact on China, with its 350 million smokers.

Electronic cigs made in China

Being massively publicized and advertised as a healthier substitute to conventional cigarette and a great instrument in the struggle for giving up smoking, the electronic cigarettes have been seed distributed in many glamorous places like British film awards or Sundance Film Festival.

Since there is no burning, producers claim that there is no harmful mix of nicotine, tar, chemicals and gases as there is in common cigarette which can cause cancer. According to multiply statements of e-cigs manufacturers, due to the lack of smoke, they can be used instead of usual cigarettes and in public places where cigarettes are banned.

The aforementioned statement has urged to become an issue for The World Health Organization experts who made a declaration in September stating that there was no scientific evidence that electronic cigarettes were safe for “human consumption” and healthy alternative for smoking or could contribute to giving up smoking. They also insisted that e-cigarette producers have to stop marketing them in that way.

Timothy O’Leary, a World Health Organization communications officer stated that electronic cigarettes have not been scientifically examined or undergone rigorous tests, unlike other nicotine-substitution therapies among which were chewing gum or candy for oral absorption, nasal sprays or plasters for nicotine absorption through the skin.

The first electronic cigarette was introduced to the large audience in 2004. Its manufacturer the Ruyan Corporation (the name of this company can be translated from mandarin as “like smoking”) has patented its ultrasonic technology, in which nicotine is contained in a cartridge with propylene glycol, the liquid which can be met in the majority of classy nightclubs being evaporated by smoke machines.

When a person makes a drag on the cigarette powered by a small battery, the propylene glycol solution is pumped through the atomizer and comes out as a spray that resembles smoke.

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  1. The primary danger they present is to to bottom line of the cessation manufacturing company that spent millions to get these bans in the first place, thereby undermining the entire purpose of smoking bans. Also, unlike Chantix, they have no mind altering drugs and can be safely used by airline pilots, railroad engineers, truck drivers, and others in jobs where public safety is an issue.


  2. American markets have been depending on the Chinese for many years for there production. I don’t see anything wrong about this device being made in China because everything els that you use is also made in China so don’t be alarmed just cause the Gov wants to regulate this product since the Gov only care about it’s pocket & not your health! Electronic cigarettes are is the best alternative smoking item that has ever been made. Don’t be fooled by the FDA’s reports the facts are in for you to research and to choose whats right for you & it’s clearly a no brainier to compare a chemical burning tobacco which kills over 400,000 US citizen each year. ElectronicCig is has not caused any serious harm since it’s make from 2004!

  3. i quit smoking this past dec. since then i have been using the ecigarette. i have developed an anxiety and depression issue. does this have anything to do with the ecigarette?

  4. @Claudia Nelson
    I quit smoking Oct, 2011 and switchedb to the e-cig. I have been suffering severe depression & anxiety as well. I seriously believe the two are linked as I never had a problem with either in the past. I read a few forums where some believe the higher mg of nicotine used has caused them anxiety. Who knows?? I’m going to stop the electric cigerette and see if my depression & anxiety ceases, because it’s really starting to take a toll with my daily life. Hope you find some relief as well.

    Has anyone else suffered from anxiety / depression while using the electronic cigerette?

  5. I have been using an e-cig for about 3 weeks and have noticed severe anxiety, depression, and mood swings. I was totally fine before this. I’m going to stop using the e-cig to see if I can get emotionally balanced.

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