Full flavor cigarettes Vs menthol cigarettes

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The consumption of menthol additive, which is a chemical material received from a natural extract, has become known in the mid 60s whereas some cheap cigarettes containing second-grade tobacco has been available for quite a long time. However, many people still have not been aware of all the peculiarities of both of the latter tobacco products. Thus, this article will focus on the features of these items.

Smoking a cigarette which contains menthol additive brings sensations different to those from regular cigarettes. Smokers admit that menthol provides a sort of coolness in the mouth while smoking. Menthol additive as well provides a nice aftertaste in contrast to unpleasant taste of full flavor cigarettes made from poor tobacco. Initially such brand varieties like Voque Menthol or Karelia Menthol were introduced to market only as a test product that get an immense popularity after a while, whereas classic cigarettes were always there for people who could afford only them.

menthol cigarettes vs full flavor cigarettes

However, researches showed that smokers who preferred menthol cigarettes were likely to light up more frequently as the surveyed smokers admitted that menthol made them feel more satisfied and relaxed with each puff because of menthol sedative features. That sensation will never be reached with the help of regular cigarettes that smell worse than menthol and do not have antianxiety characteristics.

As regards the safety of menthol and regularly-flavored cigarettes, manufacturers of menthol cigarettes made numerous claims stating that their products are less harmful to health. But the recent peer-reviewed tests have proven that the menthol cigarettes are equally as hazardous as their full flavor counterparts.

The US Food and Drug Administration even pushed for banning menthol cigarettes, saying that menthol additive in compound with nicotine and other additives triggers much more negative consequences for health than regular cigarettes. However, please bear in mind that all cigarettes are hazardous for health and cause many illnesses.

According to the last year’s nationwide survey that focused on the smokers’ preferences, around 75 percent of the African Americans admitted to prefer menthol cigarettes, compared to only 25 percent that said to choose full flavor or light cigarettes. The issue was opposite with white Americans, as the main part of them preferred classic brands basing on their reliability and traditions.

Judging by price differences one can see that menthol cigarettes are less expensive than famous, legendary brands like Marlboro and Camel. The price of high quality menthol cigarettes is equal to that of cheap full flavor cigarettes.

Basing on the level of addiction of two types of aforementioned cigarettes, it was proven a long time ago that menthol cigarettes are much more addictive than full flavor cigarettes. It could be explained by the fact that the pleasant menthol flavor makes smoker want to light up more times than in case of classic cigarettes. In addition, full flavor cigarettes last longer than menthol ones.

In general, when speaking about distinctions between menthol and full flavor cigarettes, there are just a few significant to mention. The principal difference is the taste one, since the booming popularity of menthol cigarettes is explained by its pleasant aftertaste. Countless smokers across the world switched to menthol cigarettes, what prompted major tobacco companies to launch the menthol varieties of such famous Camel, Marlboro, Virginia and Winston cigarettes.

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