Camel Smoking Lounge in Frankfurt Airport

Japan Tobacco Opens Smoking Lounges in Frankfurt Airport

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Four brand-new smoking lounges under Camel trademark were inaugurated in the Pier A-Plus Frankfurt Airport Terminal One

The world’s third-largest cigarette maker, Japan Tobacco International in cooperation with Frankfurt airport operator Fraport has launched four smoking zones under its flagship Camel brand in the pier A-plus Terminal One at Frankfurt International Airport.

Camel Smoking Lounge in Frankfurt Airport
Opening of the Camel Smoking Lounge in Frankfurt Airport

The opening of the latest smoking lounges follows the inauguration of the first JTI lounge in the airport’s T1 transit zone B, which took place in August. At present, the Frankfurt airport offers 220sq m of smoking zones designed for nearly 12 million transit smoker passengers annually with additional five smoking facilities scheduled to open across the airport in several years.

Ming Lee Foo, vice-president of consumer and trade marketing for worldwide duty free at Japan Tobacco, said during a news conference that the longstanding cooperation with Fraport began with smoking stations, then turned to smoking cabins and now evolved in the opening of the luxury smoking lounges, so that can be considered a mutually-beneficial cooperation.

“This is a great advantage for the airport that they can now provide top-class lounges for smoking passengers, who represent nearly 20 percent of the entire passenger stream.”

David Francis, JTI vice-president and general manager for worldwide duty-free business mentioned: “From the very beginning, the concept of the smoking lounge confirmed to be a win-win decision for everybody. Adult smokers are now able to enjoy a cigarette in a specialized zone, whereas non-smokers are not exposed to environmental tobacco smoke anymore. Consequently, Frankfurt airport is known for its commitment to provide outstanding service to all kinds of passengers.”

What takes liability for the service-sponsoring concept, which was allocated to Fraport division Media Frankfurt GmbH, the company’s head manager Simone Schwab declared: “We have selected this innovative concept to satisfy the needs and wishes of all our passengers. Whereas smoking is generally not allowed across our terminals, separately ventilated smoking zones are the ideal solution to meet the requirements of both smokers and non-smokers. They are especially vital in transit areas for the transit passengers.”

Frankfurt airport first opened smoking zones for adult smoking passengers in 2005 using the Japan Tobacco concept and according to the airport spokesperson, since that time it kept up with all JTI concepts in the field. The airport now joins a group of select airports, which offer luxury smoking lounges for passengers before boarding, such as Dubai, Munich, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Geneva.

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