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The tradition of smoking water pipe or hookah existed in the Middle East for centuries; however it turned to become a dramatically popular tendency in the United States and other countries during the last couple of years. The water pipes gained an enormous popularity among the youth. Yet, health activists state the hookah pipes become so popular due to several myths about the safety and reduced health risks of those devises as compared to other tobacco products.

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Therefore, we decided to find out everything about hookah in order to confirm or dethrone the myths related to smoking hookah. Upon the arrival to the Smoke & Grill Lounge, we understood that despite rather difficult economic times, the lounge has been packed with people, with the majority of them being young adults, all dragging on their pipes and delivering a lot of nice smelling smoke. “It feels great, and helps get a relaxation after a hard-working day with my friends, while chatting and joking,” confessed Chris Morrison, an inveterate hookah lover.

The Smoke & Grill Lounge owner Howard Young admitted that his business is facing a terrific boom, thanks the introduction of hookah to the menu. He said the lounge is flooded with people almost every day, and they prefer hookah with tea, instead of beer or sodas. He added that hookah changed lifestyle of many people, after its first appearance just several years ago.

Smoking this Arabic water pipe is rather easy. The flavored tobacco is put at the end of the pipe in a special small tube that is heated by coals. The pipe is connected with a bowl filled with water and a hose. The smoker breathes in through the hose, thus, having a puff of tobacco.

According Howard Young, they have up to 60 flavors of tobacco and try to invent a new one by mixing different flavors each month. Exactly those flavors, which leave a pleasant aftertaste, allured many teenagers to smoking hookah, although the Smoke & Grill Lounge owner stated that teenagers under 18 are not permitted to enter his lounge. The fashionable of smoking hookah keeps growing among teens.

Chris Morrison, a student of the local university admitted that all of his friends smoke hookah. He said that it is not about smoking, it is all about communication, because he has not seen people smoking hookah alone. He named smoking hookah a social habit since it gathers people together, makes them happy and keeps away from unhealthy habits.

Morrison’s friend Richard Sykes said that he used to smoke cigarettes when he was 16 but gave up switching to hookah, which he has been smoking up to four times a week with his friends while chatting, watching baseball or basketball or playing video games.

Sykes named hookah as the “cigarette of the young generation.” He mentioned that his parents and relatives have been smoking for many years and all of them started puffing when they were teenagers since it was fashionable and everybody was smoking. But currently, when cigarettes have lost their popularity because of enormous prices, bans and health concerns, it has been a high time to find something new. Thus, hookah appeared and it becomes more and more popular each day.

The booming popularity of hookah became a major headache for health advocates. Elizabeth Caldwell, director of Nevada Tobacco-Free Kids office said that anti-smoking groups are partly responsible for the growing popularity of hookah among teenagers since they have been doing their best to persuade people and especially minors that cigarettes are hazardous for health, therefore, people simply switched to hookah, thinking that it would be a safer and healthier alternative of smoking. And the latter is absolutely not true.

Indeed, the recently published researches have showed that hookah tobacco contains a lot of the same additives as in regular cigarettes that have been related to health complications and addiction. Prof. Robert Bain of Georgia Institute of Technology’ School of Chemistry said that the studies demonstrated that one session of hookah smoking could be equaled to almost 100 regular cigarettes, because usual cigarette needs an average of 9 puffs to be smoked and one hookah can be smoked for up to an hour with almost 20 puffs. Therefore, it means that hookah is even more dangerous for health than conventional cigarettes.

However, teenagers like Chris Morrison and his friends believe that hookah was not as hazardous as cigarettes, and in addition it leaves a pleasant fruit taste. Meantime, scientists state that fruit flavor is used to mask the hazardous truths of hookah tobacco. Robert Bain says that tobacco used for smoking hookah is just another type of tobacco, regardless of the flavor. It is smoked and that is the major issue.

Although the majority of hookah fans believe that the water contained in the bowl is used to filter the tobacco, making it free of hazardous components, experts stated that is a terrible lie since the water does not clean the smoke that is still going to the lungs.

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  1. I think this “study” is a load of crap. What this article fails to announce is the fact that cigarette tobacco is laced with additives such as ammonia and arsenic, and hookah tobacco is not. Most hookah tobaccos are washed, causing for lower amounts of nicotine to pass to the smoker. Also, hookah tobacco does not rely on the burning of paper to facilitate smoke transfer. Most hookah tobaccos are a combination of dry cured tobacco (un treated with chemicals), molasses or honey or agave nectar or corn syrup and/or vegetable glycerin, and natural and artificial flavoring (all of which are food safe products).

    Also, hookah smokers don’t actually burn any tobacco when they smoke the hookah. The coals are used to heat up the ceramic head that holds the shisha, and the flavorings are vaporized.

    So, yes, while the volume of smoke produced over a 45 minute hookah smoking session is much greater than that of a single cigarette, most of that is food safe vapor.

    Most of the studies done on hookah smoke have been done by anti-smoking proponents who are uneducated about the product they are trying to demonize.

  2. Completely agree with you Josh, Smoking from a Hookah is more of a social gathering if anything. You hardly see one person smoking from one hookah alone and by himself. Yes you may smoke for a longer period of time but within that time period you’re also sharing between 1 or more people depending on how big of a Hookah you have and how many hoses are setup.
    Theres too many studies out there trying to prove that hookahs are worst then smoking a cigarette… Which is so wrong on so many levels. Hookah smokers dont usually smoke every day and for two hours non-stop. Cigarette smokers may smoke one cigarette then take another out and smoke another and may even go through a pack a day for their entire life, compared to that how much are hookahs smokers smoking now? Not nearly as much.
    It’d take me a lifetime to write down all the additives cigarettes companies put into their tobacco before making that single cigarette. Shisha is more Natural.

  3. “one session of hookah smoking could be equaled to almost 100 regular cigarettes, because usual cigarette needs an average of 9 puffs to be smoked and one hookah can be smoked for up to an hour with almost 20 puffs.”

    um, what happened to basic math?

    Wouldn’t that be “almost” 2 2/9 cigarettes?

    This is stupid. There is no way that hookah has anything worse in it than cigarettes. It has barely 1% of the ingredients that cigarettes have. So, riddle me this. Let’s just put aside the facts that BURNING TOBACCO is one of the greater health factors and that, if you actually set up the hookah correctly and smoke it properly, the tobacco should never BURN. Chemistry 101, people. Heating a substance and burning it are totally different.
    Now, with all of that said, if person A smokes hookah for an hour straight, and person B smokes cigarettes for an hour straight, which do you really think is going to have the more damaged lungs(gums, teeth, skin, etc)?

    You noobs must sort glass as your jobs.

  4. It wasn’t mentioned in the article, but that statistic comparing hookah smoking to cigarette smoking is based on the fact that hookah smokers tend to take in a higher volume of smoke per puff. THink about it, if you inhaled that deeply with a cigarette it’d be gone. All the same its a pretty flawed statistic. I can’t smoke cigarettes, they kill my lungs and I go into a paroxism of coughing. I was perfectly able to smoke from a hookah the first time I tried. Its not exactly conclusive proof its safe but it does suggest that the smoke from one is at least diferrent from the other. I wish there was an unbiased article out there outlining all of this but there doesn’t seem to be.

  5. I’ve never smoked a Hookah before but I’m concidering it now that I’m 18. I have smoked cigs and I didn’t like how they felt.

    All this talks about is people smoking with tabacco. Where I am going to buy a hookah, they don’t sell tobacco. They sell an herbal molassas that’s 100% tobacco, tar, and nicotine free so people can make a choice to try it and not get addicted.

    And of course a 45 minute session makes more smoke than one cigarette. Um… It’s ONE cig. Those last maybe.. 10 minutes if you’re a slow smoker, longer if you just light it and leave it.

    And I agree with most of the people who posted up here. Do the math.

  6. What they need to realize is tar concentration is partially filtered and not building in your lungs. one container of hookah tabacco contains about 97% less nicotine than a carton of cigarettes. is any smoking healthy no not really is hookah a better alternative to cigarettes yes do your teeth stain from hookah no, do you stink from hookah no not unless someone doesn’t like that flavor. your eyes don’t go yellow, there isn’t rat poison in it people aren’t ashamed to be a hookah smoker people with a low social life become more social in the groups. but no matter what goes on there is always going to be anti believers for almost everything.

  7. one more thing instead of putting money into stupid studies to prove something is bad use that money to find cancers cure then we wont have to worry now will we think about it.

  8. when someone tries a cigarette, they cough. This is because the tobacco is actually burning. With a hookah, the tobacco is just being heated. Every once in a while part of the hookah tobacco will burn(usually when the coal is first placed on the bowl), and this causes a very rough inhale like that of a cigarette. If tobacco in hookahs is the same of that in a cigarette, then why doesn’t it burn every time you take an inhale. A lot of people will say this is because of the amount of time it takes for the smoke to travel through the hookah, when really it is because you are not actually burning the tobacco. Also hookah tobacco does not have nearly the amount of additives in it. This makes it a lot harder to develop a hookah dependency. The only addicting thing about smoking a hookah to me is the social factor. Unlike a cigarette im not trying to get a fix. Like most of us we smoke hookah for a good time with friends.

  9. I agree with everyone who has left a comment so far. I have been smoking cigarettes for the past 7 months, and it burns like all hell to take anything more than half a mouthfull of a hit, but when I smoke hookah, I can fill my ENTIRE LUNG CAPACITY without it burning at ALL! That should tell you right there that there HAS to be a difference! These studies irritate me because there’s nothing but BS out there now-a-days! They smear campaign marijuana, which is actually healthier than most of the foods we eat, and now they smear Hookah, which HAS to be safer than cigarettes!

  10. what about the mood swings, the laziness, the defiant attituted, the lack of sleep or too much sleep, or the no desire for food or cannot eat because you can get the food down but your hungry…what about those side effects from smoking hookah. No one ever talks about that. You talk like addicts..its always good and ok when your hooked!

  11. it should be pretty clear by now. this articlale is about anti-smoking (hookah) yet everyone who has posted a comment (and has accually done some ligitament research on the subject) has stated that hookah is much safer than ciggarets, and i aggree 100%.
    1.shisha is heated not burned resulting in almost 0% tar.
    2.shisha has approxamatly 97% less nicotine than ciggarets on adverage.
    3.the water in the hookah acts as a cooler rather than a filter so the smoke is much less harsh on your lungs (hot smoke significantly increases risk of cancer)
    4.most shisha has less than 0.5% as many additives as ciggarets.
    5.u b straight fumblin, yo math is all f**ked up.
    (other harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide come from the coals, and these can be significatly reduced if using natural coals. (coco naras are the shit 🙂

  12. Angel…I have no idea what you were smoking when you smoked hookah, but it wasn’t shisha. Smoking shisha doesn’t give you side effects like that, unless the coals were too hot or sitting in one spot too long which burnt the shisha instead of baking it. So either somebody put something else in the bowl to smoke, or you are either suffering from depression or PMS.

    I believe hookah to be better than cigarettes with less side effects. All the chemicals in cigarettes can make you sick or have diarrhea, but shisha doesn’t seem to have that effect. Obviously smoking is not healthy, but Hookah is a good alternative to cigarettes or cigars. Also, I find smoking hookah with friends when it’s nice out is very relaxing. It’s mostly just the chilling and talking with friends, but the hookah being passed around makes it fun and almost meditative.

  13. Ok, so like anyone else. i agree 100% and basically im going to just restate what you all have stated. but one thing that i have not heard ANYONE say. look at the ash tray from cigs. full of all that BURNT ash. as if you would get from anything being BURNT. such as a camp fire or a burning object. with hookah the tobacco turns black and chars. as if you left your turkey in the oven to long on thanksgiving. it doesn’t BURN and turn to ash. it chars. thus leaving the product still there! if we burnt the tobacco we would be getting the tobacco in our lungs. but we don’t it bakes just like an oven would food. heating the substance. there have been times were iv seen a bowl loaded. smoked and they uncovered it and it was bone dry. all tobacco gone. and on that note ill also tell you it was by far the grossest bowl from a hookah EVER. yes some coals are very unhealthy. if you light one side of the coal and inhale on the hookah while the coal is still sparking, you are inhaling the magnesium that the coal is coated in for lighting. do not smoke while the coal is still sparking across. use a stove top to light your coal!!! works amazing! just turn the fan on. still stinks. and i also very highly agree with the fact that all studies are done by anti-tobacco companies. you cant expect the away football team to root for the home team. that would be bass-ackwords! and again ya a hookah lasts much longer. but all of my hookah’s are a minimum of 2 hoses. and ive had upto 8-10 people smoking ONE bowl of shisha. and you cant say a cig takes 9 puffs and a hookah takes 20 and compare them. cause for one the bowl can go muuuuch longer than it really does. but if you continue to smoke the bowl once it starts to stop smoking, you will then begin to smoke the tobacco. and yes hookah is a much more socialized activity. its a ACTIVITY, not something we HAVE to do. i can promise you that any hookah smoker can quit cold turkey. sure they wont want to. cause its FUN. not cause there addicted. go camping. its fun right? can you go with out camping? sure easy. do you want to? no. cause you enjoy it. yes any form of gas entering your lungs other than oxygen is not normal therefor unnecessary so a hookah is unhealthy. but it is by far no way ever worse then a cigarette

  14. Something that I would like to point out about the hookah public is how laid back it is. Hookah makes you a relaxed person. Angel mentioned how it makes people lazy, well I guess in a sense it does. There’s nothing I love more than smoking out of Calypso (my Hookah) with my good friends and laying back on the couch. It’s awesome. Also notice how nobody attacked Angel. “OMG go home you idiot!” There was none of that. There was just a correction. Just something I wanted to point out.

  15. such bullshit it is obvious that the cigartte smoker smokes onein 5 mins and if you multiply 1 by 12 its 12 cigs in an hour and that is not even a full pack which is what most people do in one day and that is 108 puffs which is way more then 20 puffs dumb fuckin scientists

  16. First of all, I would like to point that yes, this article is definitely biased, but what isnt??

    You guys are all addicted and the only reason you are posting is because you want to defend something that is not AS BAD?? C’mon!!!

    You people keep stating statistics about how it has less nicotine and how is less harsh on your lungs than cigarettes.
    The truth is that it is still bad for you! It is disgusting and your lungs will not appreciate it in the long run. Then you say it is more of a relaxed social gathering??? You do not need a hookah to have fun and be around your friends, it’s common sense.
    People need to be more healthy and inhaling all of those chemicals is not going to help. How about you begin to eat right and exercise, and simply live a healthy life??

    Sure hookah can be the least of the evils, yet don’t forget that it is still “evil”.

  17. Smoking is bad in general, wheter it be cigarettes or hookah. There are no benefits from smoking. You are only going to hurt yourself physically, by screwing up your helath and financially. So basically smokers are spending there money to “kill” themselves in a sense, because there is no benefit from smoking. DON”T SMOKE YOU DUMBASSES!

  18. Yea sure smoking is “bad” for you but truthfully it is no more dangerous then walking outside breathing in carbon monoxide from car mufflers or a lot of other things everyone experiences every day… So don’t smoke just go suck on a car muffler and leave your bs out of it especially if it DOESNT concern you… Bo Jesus people

  19. Personaly i love hookah
    thats all i got to sayy and no matter what i know hookah is way better than a stupid stinky cigarettes

  20. I do think it’s funny how people who are against smoking hookah are being rude, and people who are defending it aren’t. “Don’t smoke you dumbasses” v.s. “yes any form of gas entering your lungs other than oxygen is not normal therefor unnecessary so a hookah is unhealthy. but it is by far no way ever worse then a cigarette.” Whereas the people who are for hookah are using actual statistics and making their point legitimately, the people who are against hookah are simply telling the people who smoke hookah that they’re stupid and unhealthy. How about this, instead of attacking people and the way they chose to spend their time and money try convincing them to spend it a different a way by presenting them with actual logical facts. Holy Hell, that’s a weird thought. Oh, and btw Humberto, oooh…. scary caps locks.

  21. Try this, take the tobacco out of a cigarette and put it in the bowl. If you regain consciousness, you’ll realize that shisha isn’t nearly as bad.

  22. I have been enjoying hookah since my senior prom about 5 years ago, I have owned 2 of my own and I still enjoy it to this day. I have also smoked some cigarettes (many when I drink as many young people do) as well as cigars. Both provide different results but they are all unhealthy for you. It can be argued that hookah is more or less unhealthy but why do people try so hard to knock smoking when there is so many other unhealthy things out there like McDs or any fast-food, did anyone watch the movie super size me? You don’t see anti fast food commercials, sure I guess it is food and we need food to stay alive, but it is also important to relax, hookah is a great tool to help people relax, we need to allow people to make their own decisions not be influenced by the government. Sure the government can educated us but not waste millions on trying to prove something we already know! Let people think for themselves! I’m not going to say anything regarding the stats about hookah Vs cigs I just wanted to make a new point on this forum.

  23. Alright here is the truth Hookah is fun and relaxing and some people including me like to enjoy life. If you want to banter Hookah fine dont smoke it and shut up live your own life. For the rest of us enjoying life, smoke on. Im partner owner in a Hookah Lounge at the moment and if you have been to one you can see everyone having a good time. I could sit here and spit fact at you all day but people are one sided and stubborn and wont see things from a different angle. So unless you have actually tried it please keep your comment s to your self.

  24. The same people that get wrapped up in anti-smoking campaigns also seem to have it out for civil rights in general. Dictating what business owners can and can’t do. Dictating what people can and can’t do in public places. Never mind that people should be free to make their own choices and bear the consequences. I don’t mind a good education about the risks and studies to prove it. What I do mind is people telling me what I can and can’t do “for my own good”, and making up statistics so they can justify their study grants with junk science.

    On the other hand, I would like to see the esteemed “Prof. Robert Bain of Georgia Institute of Technology’ School of Chemistry”, indeed no such publication could be found. In fact, the only “Robert Bain” that could be found in relation to tobacco study is “Dr. Robert Bain”, of the “Australian Medical Association”, an anti-smoking organization.

    Further, the way the article is written does not actually say that he produced such research, it is merely mentioned what he said in the sentence directly after they mention what the studies indicate. See what happened there? They associated a study with someone that likely did not even perform one, who could not even get basic math correct, being a “Professor”, who’s work is not cited and cannot be found!

  25. listen to all you haterz! you obviously never tried hookah before haha. why would you ratttle off callin us all dumbasses when you dont know what the fuck your talkin about? thats like a guy sayin he knows what its like to have a menstrual cycle or a girl sayin she knows what its like to get blue balls! Maybe if you people did some research first you’d appreciate our decision of hookah over cigs! Thats right i just said that! haha look we all knoe (including us smokers) that smoking anything is bad an d unhealthy and all but hookah, while it is still “evil” (as one of u haterz stated) it the lesser! (which that same hater also stated) were not justifying it so much as were defending this “activity” we enjoy from time to time. how many of u hookah smokers sit for over an hour EVERY DAY and smoke? *cricket cricket* and how many cig cmokers smoke over an hour EVERY DAY (not necessarily consecutively either)? thats what i thought. a shit ton more than hookah fans! so not only is it less bad for you but since you only do it every so ofter or a couple times a week, it 1: doesnt have nearly the amount of harmful chemicals, and 2: isn’t done nearly as often as cig smokers so to say smokin hookah is just as bad if not worse than cigs is a load of bull and we all know it. and thanku to Enoughis Enough… for doing the research cuz I did a folow up and found the same as u!! whats that? theres liars on the internet! No! My life is a lie… O! Speaking of the internet, I would like to say there are other things to be addicted to that could ruin ur life even more like porn, gambling, and even facebook! remember that mother whose child died b/c she was on fb when it happened? i rest my case.

  26. I love how everyones like “SMOKING KILLS YOU!” you and I and everyone else that you will ever meet all have on thing in common, we will all die. I’d much rather die at age 80 and die looking like a champ then die at age 102 in my bed with my pants soiled… I only smoke one or two newports while high because it boosts my high… Not because I’m addicted… But just because I can, i think im going to get into smoking hookah… It seems like it’d be a great hour or so with best mates… All of you moralfags can take your shit somewhere else.

  27. I am not writing to insult anyone. I believe that people should be aloud to make their own choices in life. I just think you should understand that anything you put into your lungs is not good or healthy, except for oxygen. I am a cancer survivor and I would not wish my worst enemy to go through what I have had to experience. Yes it is true that just breathing in all the chemicals that is in the air around us is bad enough, so why make it worse by willingly inhaling a substance that doesn’t belong there. Thank you for reading my thought and God Bless you all. Be happy everyday you wake up is a gift from God.

  28. Sitting around for hours smoking is about as loserish a thing you could choose to do. Play a sport. Ride a bike. Read a book. Do something useful with your life for Christ’s sake. Get a real hobby.

  29. woodeye i have a bike (fixed gear) and ive been smoking hookah for 5 years…never had a hard time riding my bike because smoking actually expands your lung capacity so that equals longer and deeper breaths while riding…

    i never smoke alone…me and my friends smoke hookah and just chill…talk…etc
    and saying thats loserish is ridiculous…looks like you haven’t experienced it

    hookah is my anti-drug…its all i do…i don’t smoke cigs or weed or crack…theres alot more dangerous stuff out there imo

  30. There is a difference between Hookah and Shisha. I believe the article is leaning more towards the hookah, which as a matter of fact, does cause more harm that cigs. Shisha, on the other hand does not cause more harm, as already been stated above by numerous posts. Also, let us be clear, my grandmother who is over the age of 80 smokes hookah till this day, she loves it! Shisha is completly safe as long as you know how to keep it going clean without the ash (which most of you who smoke it already know).

  31. I own a hookah. And I am not addicted.. I went several months without it.. It’s something fun to do soically, may make me friends in dorm…Granted yes it is unhealthy and just like cigs if done tpo much will clearly be bad for you. But thats like saying “dont drink ever for liver problems”. I have never felt an addiction to hookah ever..

  32. Alright hookah vs cigs, take 2 people who have never smoked a day in their life, sit them down one with a hookah and one with cigs have them both smoke them for 1 hour, the person that is smoking the cigs will become sick and will probably not make it the whole hour. while the person that is smoking hookah will have no problem with smoking for an hour. how is that for a comparison.

  33. I can tell you ive been smoking since i was in track in high school and i ran a easy 7 min mile and i can still do it at the gym every day and its been four years, oh and i can quit no problemo, had to do it for month just for a bet, never had a craving, but i did do it once the bet was off, why? Cause i love it, scientist say the big bang came from small particals and gases, where did those come from, they dont realy know if this is all the truth so why beleive what you cant prove?

  34. I’ve spent hours and hours online looking for information about Hookah, because my girlfriend is REALLY into it. I’ve found without exception scientists, doctors, and hospital sites (many middle eastern with more data) explaining how it is equally or vastly more dangerous than cigarettes, and lots of non-scientists and non-doctors stating un-cited statistics. I’m completely objective here (I smoke cigs…trying to quit)….I say we listen to our smartest minds and resist arrogance and ignorance.

  35. I honestly don’t think this person has ever smoked out of a hookah. If you have smoked cigs and smoked hookah you can tell the difference in the nicotine. With cigs you can get a gnarly head rush if you don’t smoke regularly, sometimes even if you do. If you smoke a hookah you don’t even get close to the same amount of nicotine. Honestly I don’t even feel it at all. The only head rush you get is if you smoke a lot at once. That will just cause your brain a lack of oxygen. A total different type of head rush. All these “facts” stated were really ridiculous and just straight up wrong.

  36. I just don’t understand where these facts are provided from, or how they were obtained. The largest issue that we are faced with here, is that this article has failed to mention the environment in which these studies were done, so everyone is assuming that these are biased and false statistics. I personally felt like some things in the article weren’t correst, but at the same time, I have no hard evidence to prove my point so I won’t say it.

    I smoke hooka once a week with my friends, and I always said it was better than any other form of tobacco because it was broiled, not burnt, and filtered through water, which to me would normally eliminate most of the bad things that come with tobacco apart for the nicotine. This however, is just my own rationalizing of what the process is. All I’m asking for is for some objective, non-biased reports on the smoking of shisha through a hooka.

  37. Any vices are pleasant experiences aswell as considered morally incorrect. I would not want to speak for or against any habit.

    The problem here is that hookah is introduced to teeangers and it may lead to smoking as a habit. It is important for the teenagers to know the hazards as they are prone to getting used to it. Adults are usually careful with their addiction.

  38. Actually everyone , this articles that you read are not true at all, they are peer-reviewed which means they contain a lot of false information and contain a lot of errors. Also heres a fun fact, Hookah didnt originate in Middle East it actually originated in East Africa, WHO or World Health Organization are a bunch of anti-tobacco idealists that never did any research on shisha tobacco , they only feed of false information, non of them tried hookah before so thats why they assume is bad for you because it is a “tobacco” product and it contains nicotine, and for everyones information nicotine is not bad for you its a stimulant like energy drink, also a 100g bag of shisha contains 0.05 nicotine, the whole bagg!!! one bowl almost has nothing. Also when you smoke hookah , the shisha or tobacco is not being burned at all but yet heated in great extent , the temperature in the bowl of hookah reaches 200 degrees C and does not exceed that temperature , when you burn a cigarette the cherry of the cigarette reaches up to 900 degrees C, as you can see the difference, this also makes a big difference in how much chemicals gets released the greater the heat the more bad stuff you smoke. Also its almost impossible to get second hand smoke from hookahs because the smoke doesnt pass over like the cigarettes smoke. The American Lung Association and the French INPES (Institut National pour la Prevention et l’Education a la Sante) resorted to faking (photo-montages) posters and images showing hookahs emitting passive smoke [see right and below]. Of course, they do not. The only reason that anti-tobacco companys are so blinded by this is because hookahs are still very new to the western culture, and hookah has been smoked even before Jesus walked this earth and not a single death has been reported or even cancer. They only thing that makes it scary for people in thinking its bad is the large volume of smoke inhaled, i agree you inhale a lot more smoke in one sitting than a single cigarette but nobody takes a hit of hookah every single second or frequently like the cigarette smokers do, people do smoke hookah with friends at hookah bars and theres more talking going on than smoking so people dont inhale as much as the bias articles writers think people do. I know this is too much but I dont know about the other hookah bars but the one i work at we clean EVERYTHING thoroughly and we use mouth peaces. So before you read another false article shove this information down their throats

  39. ok well im an avid hookah smoker and when the person such as myself or the people i smoke with make the bowl it lasts a lot longer than 20 puffs even with 4+ people so their count was wrong to begin with so of course the rest of the math is going to be off and hookah is the new thing to try to get around the anti-smoking things going around now so of course people are going to try anything possible to get people not to try it lol but i truly believe hookah is better for you then cigs and i have smoked both and hookah always leaves me feeling good and not needing to cough my lungs out when ever i walk even the slightest distance

  40. I actually own my own hookah an i haven’t had any problems but i would like to know if it would harm any dental work?? I had some laser gum surgery the other day and i am just hoping that i can still smoke hookah and drink soda. I know the soda has nothing too do with this situation but my big issue right now is my hookah can i use it when i have already had my surgery done and taken care of?? The dental surgery was done for something called Periodontal Gum Disease but i really want to know if i can still use my hookah or not.

  41. hookah is hardly “smoking” at all … its vapor and only becomes smoke when heated incorrectly … if you look it up, people have done the research on how and why it is a vapor and not a smoke because unlike anti-smoking advocates, they don’t assume something is bad for you based on its affiliations, they actually research and even test their own products to come to a conclusion. Half of the people who smoke hookah really could care less if it’s harmful or not, yet many were interested in why the “smoke” was so much different than actual smoke. As to how they came to the conclusion that it was a vapor and the “smoke clouds” are actually the same product as you would get from a fog machine, which is completely harmless. Ie no, hookah is almost in no way detrimental to ones health in terms of smoke causing damage to the body . . . however it does pose a threat in terms of cardiovascular damage. But either way . . . hookah and cigarettes shouldn’t even be considered in the same category, and anyone who says differently is biased and has done no research on the subject at all.

  42. Everyone that smokes knows it’s unhealthy. Let’s get a study that gives us the concrete findings/results from actual analytical trials and stop getting this nonsense that is just sensationalized general knowledge.

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