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Over the last couple of months many well-known international tobacco companies have launched new brands, introduced new styles of existing top-selling products or changed the pack designs of their brands. We decided to make a review of the major new-comers in our stock.

New styles:

1. Bond Super Slims – one of the key international brands of Philip Morris International, Bond brand was generally perceived as a product oriented for male-smokers, preferring stronger and bolder smoke; but in order to keep up with the latest market tendencies, the company decided to launch a lower-tar and longer cigarette, which will be a nice choice for women-smokers.

2. Pall Mall Nanokings – the new style of the legendary Pall Mall brand, owned by British American Tobacco (outside of U.S.) is referred to the segment of regular-sized (80 mm) slim cigarettes. This a new but already highly-popular segment in the international market, currently led by PMI and BAT with such brands as Marlboro Gold Edge, Kent Nanotek and L&M 83. All varieties of Pall Mall cigarette brand are marked by high-quality and moderate price, so Pall Mall Nanokings are worthy to be tried too.

New brands:

1. Rich (Rich Apple and Rich Rum&Cherry) – this brand is launched by Imperial Tobacco subsidiary, Richmond Tobacco Co., famous among adult smokers for such premium-quality brand as Richmond.

Rich cigarette brand differs from other products by the inimitable flavor of Apple and Cherry, which can be felt after opening a pack of these cigarettes. We recommend Rich brand to those smokers that prefer stronger smoke, high-quality and unusual aroma.

2. Beratt (Beratt L, Beratt XL, Beratt XXL) – this brand is the latest creation of TUTUN-CTC, the famous Moldavian tobacconist and owner of such great brands as Doina, Temp and Cosmos. According to the manufacturer, Beratt cigarette is manufactured from high-quality imported Virginia and Burley tobacco and natural ingredients that contribute to a rich and balanced smoke of these cigarettes and their intense and pleasant taste. Beratt is selling in the mid-value segment, and can become a strong competitor in that category.

3. Dunhill – this premium quality fine cut tobacco product is expected to join our stock next week. But we decided to let our customers know about the arrival of this exceptional brand in advance. Dunhill brand needs no advertisement, as it is one of the flagship brands of British American Tobacco in the premium segment.

New Designs:

1. Pall Mall (Pall Mall Blue, Pall Mall Amber Slims, Pall Mall Blue Slims) – besides, launching a new style of Pall Malls, its manufacturer also changed the pack-designs of the current styles. As the terms “lights and ultra lights” will soon be banned, BAT introduced color-names to help adult smokers identify their favorite varieties.

2. Marlboro Gold – Philip Morris International introduced new pack design of its flagship Marlboro Gold brand several weeks ago. The new package is more laconic and stylish than the previous one, so Marlboro-lovers will definitely appreciate the new look of the world’s number one cigarette.

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