Study Proves Nicotine-free cigs Effective in Giving up Smoking

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The majority of smokers have tried to give up at least once, but only 3 of 10 smokers manage to overcome their addiction. So, pharmaceutical industry has been trying to create more products that will help smokers overcome their habit, but a great part of smoking-cessation therapies were useless for inveterate smokers who have been addicted to the mental part of smoking, i.e. holding cigarette between their fingers. Thus, a nicotine-free cigarette is the best choice for them.

Nicotine-free cigarettes

A research recently published in the Minnesota Journal of Public Health and carried out by a group of scientists from the Minnesota State University demonstrated that nicotine-free cigs are useful in giving up smoking, and especially for long-time and chain smokers.

The research financed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse comprised the survey of 165 men and women of middle age, who had been lighting up on a regular basis for at least 15 years. All the smokers who took part in the research were divided into three groups: one group used nicotine troches, second group took conventional low-nicotine cigs and the third group got nicotine-free cigarettes.

The participants had to use the aforementioned products for six weeks, and then underwent urine and lung tests. The research team compared the tests of all the participants and came to an interesting conclusion.

The tests showed that 19 of 53 members of the group which used nicotine-free cigarette to quit smoking, managed to get rid of their habit, in comparison to only 7 of 52 smokers who used low-nicotine cigarettes and were able to give up.

Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami, the lead researcher admitted that during their work they found out that nicotine-free cigarettes were nearly as efficient as nicotine troches in helping smokers to give up.

Dr. Hatsukami said that the percentage of quitters in the group that used nicotine lozenges and nicotine-free cigarettes as nearly equivalent because nicotine-free cigarettes help smokers get rid of mental part of their addiction, while lozenges are useful in overcoming nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The scientist added that unfortunately nicotine-free cigarettes are not currently offered in cigarette stores across the United States, but can purchased in online cigarette shops. These cigarettes contain no nicotine, or just 0.1a milligram of nicotine, whereas conventional low-nicotine cigs provide at least 0.4 mg

Dr. Hatsukami stated that for many smokers repeating the process of lighting up and smoking can be enough to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, whereas traditional nicotine-replacement therapies do not provide any help in getting rid of the metal part of the habit that is, for instance, lighting up while drinking a morning coffee or talking over the phone.

She noted that they plan to have another research, this time comparing the effectiveness of using the patches together with nicotine-free cigarettes, and both products separately.

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