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And here we go, the list of trustworthy online cigarette shops – I used to order here. I hope this will help You to save a couple of dollars 😉 So, I am going to review the following sites:

very cheap cigarettes

cigarettes for less



I will rate those 3 by the following criteria:

1. Cigarettes price: I will place my order for (1 carton / 10 packs / 200 cigarettes) of Marlboros. Here is the price range including shipping cost:

  • = $21.4
  • = $23.3
  • = $27.5

2. Delivery time: As those cigs are shipped from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova) delivery takes 14-25 days as it’s stated in F.A.Q.s

  • = 16-25 days
  • = states nothing
  • = 10-21 days

All my orders arrived in time. (I used to buy 6 cartons, now I’m a non-smoker;) There was a delivery gap between parcels arriving as they divide orders in parcels of 1, 2 or 3 cartons depending on the amount.

3. Variety of cigarettes: All of those shops offer most popular cigarette brands such as:Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Parliament, Viceroy… However each one has it’s own unique cigarette brands so i would advise you just to check those up…

4. Support: Contacted all of those, all answered in good manners and quite fast. No complaints here.

Conclusion: Of course this doesn’t mean the other sites are not trustworthy, however the scum takes place so it takes time and money for each service to be checked. Anyway the choice is up to You.

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  1. Dear Amy, wire transfer wouldn’t be the best practice for You, As far as i know $20 fee is charged for every international transaction. I would advise You to open an account and order credit card.

    However You can always contact support and ask if they accept your payment method.

  2. I got scammed by ordered in July still waiting for the delivery and they ignore your emails when asking for the tracking details so that you can claim from Royal Mail or indeed your credit card company. Strongly recommnend that you avoid the Australian sites like this one.

  3. I used to use and always had good luck with them. The orders usually take 30 days or more to the U.S. but if you know that in advance it’s not bad. However… the stopped selling my brand and their selection is seriously limited. I’m looking for another store with reasonable prices. I’m thinking about using Anyone else had good luck with them? Thanks.

  4. I would not recommend They took an order from me, and held onto my money for 10 days before they called me and told me that they didn’t have them. They claimed that they had them when I placed my order, but ran out before my check cleared. It was pretty easy to check to see that they were still taking more orders while they told me this lie. All in all, they held onto my money for almost 3 weeks before they finally sent me my refund check. When I complained, they said they didn’t care, because there were plenty of other customers for them, and they didn’t care about me. That’s fine, I’ll just keep posting about them everywhere I can find. 8)

  5. Hi Jay, sorry to hear about your bad experience. There are some really bad sites out there with poor Customer Service. I have been using and have found them to be brilliant. Ordered a few times from them now without problem. Goods arrive within a week and when I first started using them they answered all my questions which is why I went with them. Like you I have been caught out before but give these guys a go, I don´t think you will be dissapointed.

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