Online cigarette stores review

And here we go, the list of trustworthy online cigarette shops – I used to order here. I hope this will help You to save a couple of dollars 😉 So, I am going to review the following sites:

I will rate those 3 by the following criteria:

1. Cigarettes price: I will place my order for (1 carton / 10 packs / 200 cigarettes) of Marlboros. Here is the price range including shipping cost:

  • = $21.4
  • = $23.3
  • = $27.5

2. Delivery time: As those cigs are shipped from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova) delivery takes 14-25 days as it’s stated in F.A.Q.s

  • = 16-25 days
  • = states nothing
  • = 10-21 days

All my orders arrived in time. (I used to buy 6 cartons, now I’m a non-smoker;) There was a delivery gap between parcels arriving as they divide orders in parcels of 1, 2 or 3 cartons depending on the amount.

3. Variety of cigarettes: All of those shops offer most popular cigarette brands such as:Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Parliament, Viceroy… However each one has it’s own unique cigarette brands so i would advise you just to check those up…

4. Support: Contacted all of those, all answered in good manners and quite fast. No complaints here.

Conclusion: Of course this doesn’t mean the other sites are not trustworthy, however the scum takes place so it takes time and money for each service to be checked. Anyway the choice is up to You.

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