Oregon bans e-cigs sales

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The Oregon Attorney Gneral office has introduced two ordinances that would ban two store chains specializing in travel goods from distributing electronic cigarettes across the state. The landmark settlement would prevent Oregon population from purchasing allegedly harmful devices that were found to contain carcinogens and not regulated by the American Food and Drug Organization.

“If a product or service presents a danger to the health of Oregon residents, we will not hesitate to take measures to ban this product,” declared John Kroger, Oregon Attorney General. “If the retailers seek license to distribute electronic cigarettes they would have to submit peer-reviewed proof confirming their safety.”

Electronic cigarette ban

The two travel store chains, affected by the ban, Pilot Travel Centers, with seven stores across Oregon and TA Operating, operating two stores in the state, have been selling electronic cigarettes under the brand “NJOY».

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are devices which are used to deliver nicotine shots directly to lungs, and resemble traditional cigarettes with a glowing tip and white body. Each device contains a battery, heating element and a cartridge with liquid nicotine and, as it has been recently found, other highly poisonous chemicals. The battery operates the heating element that heats nicotine and delivers it to the user. It even evaporates smoke, containing propylene glycol, to mimic conventional cigarettes’ smoke.

Although the Food and Drug Administration has placed “Import Alerts” warnings on NJOY and other distributors of e-cigs and worked with the U.S. Customs to halt shipments of electronic cigarettes, the sales of these devices keep growing across the nation with an immense speed. The devices are marketed everywhere from the web to TV.

Sales volumes kept growing even despite a warning by the FDA regarding the severe health risks related to the use of e-cigs. According to the FDA examinations, the real amount of nicotine was several times higher in the majority of tested samples than it was stipulated on the cartridge labels.

Analyses also showed that several samples of electronic cigarettes contained nitrosamines – cancer-causing substance. However, when the FDA revealed its findings, the Oregon Attorney General had already started an investigation of the advertising and distribution of electronic cigarettes, and particularly NJOY brand.

The regulation bans the distribution and promotion of the devices across Oregon until receipt of the approval by the FDA or unless the presence of scientific evidence that the electronic cigarettes pose no health risks to their users.

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