Being overweight is of the same health risk as lighting up 10 cigarettes dayly

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Recent studies have shown that the possibility of untimely death because of health complications related to obesity is very high for many obese minors.

According to the results of the research conducted by Swedish National Institute of Public Health, obesity at the tender age of 18 contributes to increase in the possibility of untimely death by 30 per cent.


Obese adolescents have the equivalent risk of a premature death as regular chain smokers. And this risk strongly rises with subsequent weight gain.

During the research, that covered 45,000 men, scientists have been monitoring their health level for many years and came to the conclusion that being obese in adolescent period of life is similar to smoking regarding the average risk of dying prematurely from health complications related to obesity.

The researchers also concluded that the overweight men who used to smoke regularly were more likely to pass away even earlier than those who either were overweight or have been hooked on smoking. However, the research did not discover any scientific proof in order to bring scientists to the conclusion that the combination of smoking and corpulence could lead to even more danger of early death.

Prof. Anna-Maria Olofson from the Department of Public Health and Medicine of the National Institute located in Stockholm, who was the head of aforementioned research, stated that the research underlined the importance of finding appropriate ways to reduce teenage obesity rates, since many people have passed away due to health complications related to obesity. Prof. Olofson mentioned that after having estimated the research results they found out that being overweight in adolescence was of the same health risk as smoking 10 cigarettes each day.

The term “Overweight” can be defined as having a BMI (index assessing body fat basing on weight and height) of less than 30kg. The term “obesity” can be defined as having a Body Mass Index of more than 30.

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