14 Months since the Introduction of Smoking Ban

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In conformity with the latest research published in the Britain Journal of Medicine, over 1,200 heart infarctions were prevented across the country within 14 months since the implementation of anti-smoking regulation.

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In the first research since the implementation of the ban the numbers of heart attacks in adult patients reported by hospitals throughout England from the five years prior to the introduction of the smoke-free legislation in July 2007, were compared with the information collected during 14 months after the ban had entered into effect.

The research carried out by the University of Bath scientists concluded that emergency hospital admissions for myocardial seizures decreased by 2.4% in the 14 months after England banned smoking in enclosed public spaces.

Forced to light up outside, smokers reduce the numbers of cigarettes consumed daily, resulting in the reduction in heart attacks among both smokers and non-smokers.

This reduction in coronary heart diseases helped Nationwide Health System save approximately £8.4million and prevented nearly 200 deceases.

The rate of survivors from heart attacks in England is 85%, so 1,200 cases of prevented infarctions could result in nearly 180 deaths, which have been prevented thanks to would be expected to die.

Scientists consider that myocardial infarctions are only one of numerous diseases caused by tobacco use and passive smoking that were decreased after the implementation of smoke-free policy.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) director Deborah Arnott admitted that reduction in lung cancer rates will also be reported very soon.

Study has already shown that smoke-free legislation has considerably decreased the exposure to environmental tobacco smoke among non-smoking population and minors, which will as well, led to further benefits for public health.

Both smoking and passive smoking is believed to rise the likeability of heart seizure by contributing to the blood becoming more predisposed to clotting, lessening the amount of ‘good’ cholesterol and increasing the jeopardy of higher heart rhythms.

England is home to 23% of smokers among adult male population and 21% of smokers among adult women. According to NHS, there are 230,000 myocardial infarctions reported across England annually, with more than a half of them in adults aged 40-75 years.

Callum Young, senior manager at the British Heart Foundation, stated the Foundation praises the research’s results, which have demonstrated that many lives have been saved because of the introduction of smoke-free policy.

He added they are looking forward to other studies focused on examining the rates of other health complications related to smoking, as not only cardiovascular system is harmed by smoking.

Public health groups have also expressed delight by the results of the latest research and urged the lawmakers to intensify the efforts on reducing tobacco use, by cracking down the black market and prohibiting cigarette vending machines.

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