Smoke-free movies campaign is a waste of taxpayers’ money. Part 1

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The “Smoke-free Movies” campaign was initiated last week with a truck driving a billboard where people could see a teenage girl thinking, “Which movie will make me to smoke this summer?” That billboard could be seen driving nearby the major Hollywood movie studios.

The authors of the recent campaign include the American Medical Alliance, California Public Health Department and some other anti-smoking organizations. The representatives of aforementioned organizations declared that they will do their best to secure a R rating by the Motion Picture Association rating system for all films which contain smoking scenes in order to force movie producers to avoid showing smoking in future films as a hidden product placement billboard smoking They also said that the moving billboard would make scheduled stops nearby every significant film studio. In addition, the Medical Alliance representative stated they would track all the movies released this summer and the studio that filmed the largest number of movies with smoking scenes and the company with the worst record of summer smoking films will get a specially designed sarcastic billboard in front of the main entrance this fall.

Up till now, the recently initiated campaign has only managed to find one spring box-office film, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” that placed Fox studio in the strong leading position in the list of movies depicting smoking. The Alliance cites the main character Wolverine hanging around with a cigar between his lips in several scenes of the movie, whereas Fox executives has responding by confirming the fact that the superhero never actually smoked it in the film, although he was a chin-smoker in the comic-book.

Another May box-office leading film with smoking scenes was Angels & Demons, which showed the Cardinals put out their cigarettes going to conclave meeting. But, nobody smoked or at least had a cigarette in the mouth in a major scene, which lasted a couple of seconds. However, the health activists hastened placing the movie among those showing smoking on big screens.

Nevertheless, in my humble opinion, the smoke-free tendency would instantly come to nothing with the release of The Adventures of Marlboro and Ciggy Puff in mid summer. Parents, be aware.

The America Motion Picture Association chairman stated they already elaborated an amendment to the rating system with drawing attention to smoking in movies when rating a new film and providing parents with a description of the scenes that might be inappropriate for their children. He also declared that health organizations request for “R” rating to any movie containing at least one smoking scene would be extreme and unacceptable suggestion.” However, because the agency responsible for movie rating is sponsored by the studios, such thing is impossible to happen at least in the nearest future…To be continued…

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  1. People who haven’t smoked usually can’t understand why someone who wants to stop hasn’t done so and continues to spend considerable amounts of money on something that they no longer enjoy and would like to stop

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