Tobacco giants launch smoke-free products

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Recently surfaced internal reports show that tobacco companies began developing smoke-free products more than 10 years ago. According to the reports, the new products had to be smokeless, odorless, fire-safe and finished.

Experts had many ideas concerning such smokeless tobacco items, raging from toothpicks sopped by tobacco essence to snacks and even facial lotions that release nicotine.

Camel orbs, snuss, sticks

However, the most brilliant ideas are currently being converted into reality, since the largest tobacco companies across the nation introduced test-versions of their newest smoke-free products.

Of course, anti-smoking groups could not stand aside of this tendency, as they allege that smokeless products are appealing to adolescents, and lead to health complications and even are a gateway for taking up cigarettes.

Reynolds American that recently started test-marketing smokeless products under the name of flagship brand Camel said the date of the launch of Camel Snus to the general market is still unclear, since they have only started to collect the customers’ feedback on this product.

According to James Payton, North Carolina University Doctor, the latest Camel smokeless products – Strips, Orbs and Sticks look like candies, so even if they do not appeal to minors, infants could mess them up with Tic Tac or other sweets if coming across them in mother’s bag. It could result in poisoning for those infants who accidentally consumed several pieces of such smoke-free products.

Craig, a 18-year-old Omaha resident admitted he has already tried frost-flavored Camel Snus, smokeless products, resembling tea bags, that are selling in four flavors and packaged in metal tins.

Snus and moist snuff have gained a huge popularity among younger adults, who want to try tobacco, but have no intention to smoke cigarettes. The major part of them say they had tried smoke-free products since they have no stinky odor, and can be used in place of chewing gum because of tasty flavors.

However, tobacco companies say that all new products bear the same warnings and their packages write that they contain tobacco. In addition, all smokeless products are selling in the same sectors with cigarettes, where children are not permitted to enter.

The new products are advertised as the means of satisfying tobacco cravings in any places, even where the smoking ban had been implemented. For example, ads of Ariva, a tobacco-containing tablet, feature ex-smokers, who admit that with that product they could have nicotine shot whenever they needed it.

While smokers are having a hard time finding a place where smoking is permitted, many public health groups worry that more smokers will turn to smokeless products instead of giving up tobacco consumption.

Several organizations claim they have carried out tests that shown that smoke-free products have been as harmful as cigarettes, but people doubt these allegations saying that the tests are not reliable since they had opponents of tobacco companies.

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