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If you want to learn to smoke cigarettes properly or you are simply interested to find out how smokers puff on their cigarettes, then this article is namely for you.

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When asked about reasons to start smoking, people name different motives: desire to look cool in front of friends, or to look glamorous like celebrities or even simply because their beloved ones smoke. Among other reasons, smokers name, stress, depression and the state of frustration. However, according to chain smokers, the chief reason that keeps them hooked on cigarettes is the effect of euphoria caused by consumption of nicotine that can cause a significant change in mood of smokers.

At the same time, smoking is considered to be very harmful for health. Therefore, before lighting your first cigarette, look through the effects it can cause to your health.

But if you still want to try cigarettes, here are some steps to take in order to smoke properly:

  • 1. Before starting, be sure to remove the cover from the pack. The cover is transparent so it easy to take notice of it. In order to put it away, find the cover’s tip on the top right corner of the pack, pull it across the pack then take the cover off and throw it to the garbage bin.
  • 2. Open the pack and take one cigarette. If it was the last cigarette in that pack, don’t forget to throw the pack in the garbage. Then put the cigarette between your forefinger and middle finger. The filtered end should be placed towards your hand.
  • 3. Put the filtered tip of the cigarette carefully in your mouth between the lips, placing it until it reaches the wet half of lips. Squeeze your lips a little bit to hold the cigarette.
  • 4. Take a lighter or match and light it up on some distance away from the tip of the cigarette.
  • 5. Get the flame to the tip and at the same time make several short puffs on the cigarette. As a rule, making one puff would be sufficient to light your cigarette. We advise you not to make any inhalations or exhalations while you are lighting up your cigarette, because it can deliver too much smoke. Many smokers never breathe in the first shot of smoke.
  • 6. When you see that you have successfully lit the cigarette, blow out the lighter (or match). Put the used match in the ashtray, making sure that it extinguished completely.
  • 7. Take the cigarette out of the mouth and breathe the smoke out.
  • 8. If you want to deliver the smoke to your lungs, put the cigarette in your mouth, like it written in Step 3, and inhale the necessary volume of smoke to your mouth.
  • 9. Continue inhaling. Take the cigarette out of the month from time to time. Feel the smoke reaching your Lungs and warming them.
  • 10. Don’t forget to exhale occasionally.
  • 11. Shake the ash off the tip into an ashtray. Here you should be careful and not to let the cigarette slip between your fingers as you shake the ash off. In case you hold the cigarette between forefinger and middle finger, clasp both fingers to hold the cigarette tighter. Use your thumb to flap the ash.
  • 12. Finish smoking when the cigarette has burned up to 1/4″ above the filter. In case you smoke non-filter cigarettes, you should finish when the cigarette becomes too little to smoke it.
  • 13. When the cigarette is finished, extinguish it completely by putting it out in an ashtray. Don’t leave the cigarette smoldering in the ashtray since it can cause fire. If you smoke outside and the ashtray is not available, extinguish the cigarette by your shoe. However, you should not leave the butt on the ground. Take it with you and through away in the garbage.

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  1. Question: Do you inhale after you take a drag like you do with weed OR do you let the the smoke sit in your mouth like you do with cigars?

  2. I would advise not to smoke at all 🙂 Cigarettes are not cigars and puffs should be inhaled, however that would be too strong for the first-time smokers.

  3. 13. When the cigarette is finished, extinguish it completely by putting out in an ashtray.

    You should insert an “it” in between putting and out.

  4. thanks for the info ive always heard that people get sick ther first time and i only have 1 cigarete to try right now so i wanted to do it properly so as not to waste it all my almost all my friends smoke so one of them let me have 1 to try so maybe i will try tonite

  5. what i prefer to do is inhale a bit of air(not too much) put the cig to your mouth inhale leave the smoke in your lungs as long as you prefer( i exhale quickly) then exhale. its much easier specially if your new to smoking

  6. Woah this blog is great i love reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You recognize, lots of people are looking around for this info, you can aid them greatly.

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