Is Smoking Becoming A Stumbling Block In Your Family Relationship?

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“Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” – confirmed Mark Twain.  It is not easy to fight down this pernicious habit. To be more exact, the habit can be considered only one-time, irregular smoking, for instance, 1-2 cigarettes, smoked in a company or at work. Such lucky men, who are not exposed to this smoking addiction, are merely 5%. The rest cannot live without smoking item.

Cigarette dependence

The smoking habit develops into disease that is called tobacco dependence. It is hard to get out of it. There appear irritability, aggression, depression state, anxiety and many others. It is a challenge for either smoker or for his family and relatives to overcome his/her nicotine withdrawal pains. Quite often it becomes a stumbling block in family relationship. Because of smoking occur controversy, misunderstandings, and quarrels in family which consequently may lead to divorce or other serious consequences.

Smoker frequently comes under criticism of his/her spouse, friends, relatives who, being non-smoker, cannot bear anymore the awful toxic smoke, proceeding from a burning cigarette.

Though, it is very easy to say to smoker “drop this terrible habit” if you have never tried it by yourself. Non-smokers can hardly realize what unbearable it is. And it is true. Referring this matter many scientists state that chain smokers, for whom simple smoking process became the integral part of their life, shouldn’t quit it in a moment as it may trigger their health, how incredibly it won’t sound.

One of the most repulsive things which are associated with smoking is tobacco smell. Smoker shouldn’t accuse his/her non-smoking beloved persons or friends for disliking smoking because what can be worse than a terrible stink from a cigarette smoke which leaves on you, on your clothes?

Being in smoker’s company and inhaling the smoke of his cigarette, you feel like you are puffing too, as the smoke enters in your lungs as well and you start to suffocate and cough. If you share a home with non smokers, they do not enjoy the fact that their clothes, furniture and everything else in the home has this insupportable smell. Non smokers usually do not want to see objects that remind them about this disgusting habit such as cigarette packs, ashtrays, lighters, thrown about the house.

Unfortunately, the simple words of non smokers, begging a smoker to stop smoking, don’t render any impact. That is why non smoker spouses are forced to resort to more strict means.

Even smokers who share a house with a non smoker have found themselves banned to the outside to enjoy a cigarette.

In case you are not capable to give up smoking, there exists an alternative, which will absolutely impress as you so your non smoking half. This alternative will help you not to leave smoking off at all and stop annoying your family. It is talked about an electronic cigarette. Due to this cigarette, your family and friends won’t tell you a word about insupportable smell of your cigarette as the e-cigarettes do not emit any smell. The reason of this is the lacks of toxic second hand smoke like tobacco wither. There is no tar to build up that sticky brown residue on you, your belongings, your home or car.

But the only one way, how not to have problems within family on this topic, you should just understand each other and find a compromise, which will suit as smoker so non smoker.

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