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Study Proves Nicotine-free cigs Effective in Giving up Smoking

The majority of smokers have tried to give up at least once, but only 3 of 10 smokers manage to overcome their addiction. So, pharmaceutical industry has been trying to create more products that will help smokers overcome their habit, but a great part of smoking-cessation therapies were useless for inveterate smokers who have been addicted to the mental part of smoking, i.e. holding cigarette between their fingers. Thus, a nicotine-free cigarette is the best choice for them.

Nicotine-free cigarettes

A research recently published in the Minnesota Journal of Public Health and carried out by a group of scientists from the Minnesota State University demonstrated that nicotine-free cigs are useful in giving up smoking, and especially for long-time and chain smokers.

The research financed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse comprised the survey of 165 men and women of middle age, who had been lighting up on a regular basis for at least 15 years. All the smokers who took part in the research were divided into three groups: one group used nicotine troches, second group took conventional low-nicotine cigs and the third group got nicotine-free cigarettes.

The participants had to use the aforementioned products for six weeks, and then underwent urine and lung tests. The research team compared the tests of all the participants and came to an interesting conclusion.

The tests showed that 19 of 53 members of the group which used nicotine-free cigarette to quit smoking, managed to get rid of their habit, in comparison to only 7 of 52 smokers who used low-nicotine cigarettes and were able to give up.

Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami, the lead researcher admitted that during their work they found out that nicotine-free cigarettes were nearly as efficient as nicotine troches in helping smokers to give up.

Dr. Hatsukami said that the percentage of quitters in the group that used nicotine lozenges and nicotine-free cigarettes as nearly equivalent because nicotine-free cigarettes help smokers get rid of mental part of their addiction, while lozenges are useful in overcoming nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The scientist added that unfortunately nicotine-free cigarettes are not currently offered in cigarette stores across the United States, but can purchased in online cigarette shops. These cigarettes contain no nicotine, or just 0.1a milligram of nicotine, whereas conventional low-nicotine cigs provide at least 0.4 mg

Dr. Hatsukami stated that for many smokers repeating the process of lighting up and smoking can be enough to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, whereas traditional nicotine-replacement therapies do not provide any help in getting rid of the metal part of the habit that is, for instance, lighting up while drinking a morning coffee or talking over the phone.

She noted that they plan to have another research, this time comparing the effectiveness of using the patches together with nicotine-free cigarettes, and both products separately.

The Former “Friends” Star Gives Up Smoking Due To Yoga

Firstly Britain analysts of Exeter University determined that physical activity reduces craving for cigarette, the interest towards it and decreases the smoking importance. According to specialists point of view, due to sport people can easier give up this harmful habit, besides they will feel less psychological pressure when they meet with a smoker.

Yoga helps quit smoking

Yoga is one way to quit smoking. Maybe it seems quiet strange; still it can really play an important role in your smoking cessation and considerably facilitate your nicotine withdrawal pains. The star of TV series “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston confirmed this fact as she by herself gave up this smoking addiction thanks to yoga. For a long time she preferred smoking to a healthy diet and exercising. Namely the love for yoga served as fundamental factor of her healing. “This gorgeous meditation allowed me to see my life in a new light, find an easy mind, harmony, rise my mental and physical state”, – she said.

Yoga fosters resoluteness and will, qualities which are necessary for you if you decided to reject nicotine. Number of people starts smoking because of mental and emotional problems and yoga is a perfect means of inward peace renewal. Yoga teaches to understand your body. With the lapse of time you feel how it protests against unhealthy toxins, and in spite expected pleasure from cigarette you will feel discomfort. It helps you to come off smoking without additional weight gaining and other side effects.

Jennifer told us her simple example from respiratory yoga, which will relieve you to cope with the thirst for cigarette. Breathe in as deep as possible, and then breathe out slowly. During expiration slowly touch your breast by your chin. Imagine like all the stress, tension and other emotional problems gradually come out of you through your fingers and toes. Repeat this exercise no less than 3 times. There is nothing difficult.

The benefits of quitting smoking, as Jennifer will have found out, are truly unlimited. We all expect our health to improve, but that is just the beginning of this wonderful journey. Getting out of smoking not only gives you a feel of refreshment, but every breath you take feels so pure and. A relaxing and sound sleep and tremendous energy whole day is also an outcome of smoking cessation.

It can be hard work at times, notably at the beginning, but yoga and meditation, as Jennifer did, are perfect medicine and work wonders when it comes to dropping smoking.

With all of the damages to health smoking can cause, it’d be a good idea to follow Jennifer’s example and come it off.

In conclusion, it is worth to say that yoga will help you not only to leave off smoking, but it will improve your health, broken by smoking, will soup you up as well.

Is Smoking Becoming A Stumbling Block In Your Family Relationship?

“Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” – confirmed Mark Twain.  It is not easy to fight down this pernicious habit. To be more exact, the habit can be considered only one-time, irregular smoking, for instance, 1-2 cigarettes, smoked in a company or at work. Such lucky men, who are not exposed to this smoking addiction, are merely 5%. The rest cannot live without smoking item.

Cigarette dependence

The smoking habit develops into disease that is called tobacco dependence. It is hard to get out of it. There appear irritability, aggression, depression state, anxiety and many others. It is a challenge for either smoker or for his family and relatives to overcome his/her nicotine withdrawal pains. Quite often it becomes a stumbling block in family relationship. Because of smoking occur controversy, misunderstandings, and quarrels in family which consequently may lead to divorce or other serious consequences.

Smoker frequently comes under criticism of his/her spouse, friends, relatives who, being non-smoker, cannot bear anymore the awful toxic smoke, proceeding from a burning cigarette.

Though, it is very easy to say to smoker “drop this terrible habit” if you have never tried it by yourself. Non-smokers can hardly realize what unbearable it is. And it is true. Referring this matter many scientists state that chain smokers, for whom simple smoking process became the integral part of their life, shouldn’t quit it in a moment as it may trigger their health, how incredibly it won’t sound.

One of the most repulsive things which are associated with smoking is tobacco smell. Smoker shouldn’t accuse his/her non-smoking beloved persons or friends for disliking smoking because what can be worse than a terrible stink from a cigarette smoke which leaves on you, on your clothes?

Being in smoker’s company and inhaling the smoke of his cigarette, you feel like you are puffing too, as the smoke enters in your lungs as well and you start to suffocate and cough. If you share a home with non smokers, they do not enjoy the fact that their clothes, furniture and everything else in the home has this insupportable smell. Non smokers usually do not want to see objects that remind them about this disgusting habit such as cigarette packs, ashtrays, lighters, thrown about the house.

Unfortunately, the simple words of non smokers, begging a smoker to stop smoking, don’t render any impact. That is why non smoker spouses are forced to resort to more strict means.

Even smokers who share a house with a non smoker have found themselves banned to the outside to enjoy a cigarette.

In case you are not capable to give up smoking, there exists an alternative, which will absolutely impress as you so your non smoking half. This alternative will help you not to leave smoking off at all and stop annoying your family. It is talked about an electronic cigarette. Due to this cigarette, your family and friends won’t tell you a word about insupportable smell of your cigarette as the e-cigarettes do not emit any smell. The reason of this is the lacks of toxic second hand smoke like tobacco wither. There is no tar to build up that sticky brown residue on you, your belongings, your home or car.

But the only one way, how not to have problems within family on this topic, you should just understand each other and find a compromise, which will suit as smoker so non smoker.

Relatives of Dallas musician who passed due to Chantix file a suit against Pfizer

Family of Carter Albrecht who perished two years ago after behaving quite abnormally while being on nicotine-replacement medication Chantix have submitted a legal action against the manufacturer of that drug, Pfizer, charging the pharmaceutical tycoon with failing to alert consumers of the drug about bizarre behavior, suicidal thoughts and other severe mental disorders related to taking the drug.

The death of well-known guitarist Carter Albrecht shocked Dallas two years ago and became most famous case in the row of reports of severe health complications witnessed in people who started taking Chantix to get rid of smoking. Albrecht passed away on September 3, 2007, being accidentally shot to death by his neighbor, who didn’t recognize the musician in a furious man smashing the windows of that neighbor’s house at 4 am.

Lawsuit against Pfizer

The guitarist’s relatives stated that he never behaved so violently and bizarrely until he started to take the medication in order to get rid of smoking cigarettes. The late musician’s wife said that he as well suffered from hallucinations, depression, nightmares, violent behavior and even had suicidal thought immediately after starting taking Chantix and added that if her husband had kept lighting up, he would have been alive currently.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Chantix, back in 2006. Since that time, Chantix, chemically known as varenicline turned to be one of the most popular therapies for people who want to give up smoking. The medication is designed to lock particular receptors, stimulated by nicotine, thus, helping people to kick the habit.

When Albrecht died, the FDA immediately started tracking similar reports of people who also took Chantix and suffered from a wide range of severe adverse effects of the drug. Several months ago the FDA required Pfizer to place “Black Box” warnings on the packs to warn doctors and consumers about the severe side effects of the drug. Such warning is the heaviest measure the FDA can demand to be put on products related with severe adverse effects.

Albrecht’s relatives filled a lawsuit in U.S. District Court of Texas accusing Pfizer of negligent of intentionally misleading marketing of Chantix as a medication with no severe mental health adverse effects.

Meanwhile similar lawsuits have been submitted throughout the country accusing Chantix manufacturers of health complications caused by the medication to people who took it.

Several lawsuits stated that Pfizer intentionally juggled the results of preliminary trials to launch the product to the market. Therefore, such adverse effects like suicidal behavior, depression, schizophrenia and other mental disorders were not mentioned in the warning labels.

Approximately 20 plaintiffs begged a court to unite their lawsuits into a single one, a Multidistrict Litigation what would allow all the lawsuits to be handled by one judge and simultaneously.

It is quite possible that the court would turn these cases to a MDL because of the growing number of similar lawsuits against Pfizer filled to the courts across the nation. Combining the lawsuits in a class action would accelerate the process of getting remuneration for countless people who have suffered from Chantix side effects.

Tips and strategies to give up smoking (Part II)

So, in the first part of this article we discussed the most common reasons for smoking and proposed corresponding ideas to help giving up the habit cold turkey. However, there are the other important reasons that we want to share with you. Here are some of them:

3. I light up when I am irritated, angry or upset in order to get relaxed.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • I reach cigarette whenever I am in a bad temper.
  • Cigarettes help me relax when I am stressed.
  • I smoke when I need to get distracted from something that upsets me.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

strategies to give up smoking

Many smokers particularly nowadays light up a cigarette to forget about the problems in their lives and get through them. In case you have been accustomed to smoking as a sedative, you should seek for other means of calming your nerves or, you would become addicted to getting rid of anger or stress by smoking and get used to lighting up each time problems appear. Try the following strategies to overcome difficulties without cigarettes:


  • Try several relaxation techniques to regain temper and settle nerves when you feel irritated or depressed. Efficient relaxation techniques include breathing exercises, shutting eyes for several minutes, washing your face with cold water or imagining yourself in special place like seaside or luxury hotel. One of these methods should certainly help you calm down.
  • Do physical exercises. Researches found out that jogging, swimming or simple physical exercise remove stress and strengthen body and mind.
  • Bear in mind that cigarettes are not a solution to any problem. Try to find a more effective solution and implement your ideas to reality.
  • Have a rest. Get a vacation if you feel that you can not resist stress anymore. And don’t forget to calm nerves every day using relaxation techniques, at least within 10 minutes.
  • Take a day out and enjoy yourself by having a massage, or haircut, painting a picture or listening to relaxing music, taking a long both with foam or do other things that would make you feel happy and relaxed. Simply, enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

4. I enjoy touching and holding cigarettes in my hands.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • I like holding a cigarette between my fingers.
  • I enjoy the process of lighting up my cigarette.
  • I enjoy looking at the smoke while exhaling.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

If you belong to this group of smokers, you are used to obtaining a pleasure from habits and rituals related to smoking as well as from holding cigarettes in your hands. You always feel yourself more confident or cool with a cigarette between your fingers. Or you simply are accustomed to hold something in your hands and don’t know what to do with them when they are empty. However, you can easily get rid of this physical pleasure by following our tips and strategies below:


  • Use beads, a coin, a ball, a ring or other object that would keep your hands busy but would be less harmful than cigarettes.
  • Hold a pen or marker between your fingers when you feel you want to have a cigarette.
  • Pick up a plastic cig to hold when you feel you loose confidence.
  • Handle a real traditional cigarette in case you only need to touch it, but if holding a cigarette raises the desire to smoke it, disregard this strategy.
  • Eat regularly. Don’t be hungry, since you can confuse hunger and desire to chew something with a wish to light up a cigarette.
  • Invent yourself a hobby or activity that would make your hands busy all the time. You can try embroidering, knitting, painting, baking or other activities.

Check the “Tips and strategies to give up smoking” Part III for getting to know the final reasons and strategies to successfully getting rid of your habit.

Tips and strategies to give up smoking (Part I)

In case you are a regular smoker who tried every possible way to give up but did not manage to kick the pernicious habit down, the health experts have elaborated a special comprehensive list of the reasons to smoke and corresponding means to give up that suit the particular reason the most.

give up smoking

The strategy is rather simple and based on psychologists’ assumption that learning the reason of regular desire to light up a cigarette is a half way to succeed in getting rid of the habit. Scientists believe that smokers could successfully regulate their smoking after studying their everyday habits related to smoking.

So, here is the survey list made by eminent scientists. Look through the list of reasons and find the one that would be the most appropriate to your situation. Then check the tips that would help you defeat your smoking habit cold turkey, without paying for cessation therapies. In order to identify namely your reason, the psychologists provided several easy to answer questions that define the peculiarities of each reason.

1. Cigarettes give me joy (pleasure, delight).

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • Smoking makes me pleased and delighted.
  • Smoking helps me forget about problems.
  • I am used to light up when I am in good mood.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

This is reason is common to the overwhelming majority of smokers since they admit they simply like the process. So if you bear in mind a relation of smoking with pleasure it only consolidates your cravings, since there is no person in the world who would deny getting an additional pleasure. However, it would be much easier for you to give up if you convince yourself that you can enjoy life without tobacco and switch your attention to other pleasures of life. The following strategies give some efficient ideas to make you think about cigarettes less.


  • Focus on enjoying the pleasures and advantages of non-smokers.
  • Take the cash you spend on smokes and make yourself another pleasure: buy something, go to a restaurant or a nightclub, invite your friends for a party, or do any other activity that would make you feel happy and pleased.
  • Always think about the health dangers related to smoking and the benefits of giving up. You can even hang pictures of smokers’ lungs to imagine the health complications more vividly.

2. Cigarettes provide me with energy and strength.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • I take a drag when feel that I am slowing down.
  • I light up seeking for a burst of energy.
  • Cigarettes tope me up when I feel tired.
  • In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

    A great part of smokers admit they use cigarettes for the same features like in coffee: to wake up faster, start moving, keep doing their work especially when they feel tired and need a burst of energy. The nicotine contained in cigarettes has the same properties like caffeine; it stimulates mental and motor activity during a short period of time. However, we advise you to take a look at other less harmful sources of energy. Look through the following tips:


  • Try to sleep 8 hours each day. A complete night rest would make you feel active, fresh and ready to rumble.
  • Regularly do physical exercises. Physical activity would help you increase strength and the level of energy, so you would not need artificial boosts to get moving.
  • When you feel tired, take a walk around your work place, it is a natural boost to physiological activity without any related health complications.
  • Consume healthy food, vegetables, fruit, meat or fish since natural food is a great source of energy.
  • Drink fresh water. It would clear your body from toxins and refresh thoughts and feelings.
  • If you feel that you are getting bored, while being home, try to change your activity, read a book, watch a film, go outside for a walk or visit a friend. You should not feel bored since it takes energy.

These are the two principal reasons for smoking. For other reasons and corresponding strategies to quit smoking see “Tips and strategies to give up smoking” Part II…stay updated!