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Japan Tobacco Opens Smoking Lounges in Frankfurt Airport

Camel Smoking Lounge in Frankfurt Airport

Four brand-new smoking lounges under Camel trademark were inaugurated in the Pier A-Plus Frankfurt Airport Terminal One

The world’s third-largest cigarette maker, Japan Tobacco International in cooperation with Frankfurt airport operator Fraport has launched four smoking zones under its flagship Camel brand in the pier A-plus Terminal One at Frankfurt International Airport.

Ukraine Complaints over Aussie’s Tobacco Plain Packaging Law

Plain Packaging for Cigarettes introduced in Australia

As it was expected, Ukraine has submitted a complained to the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding the Australian government’s legislation banning logos and branding of cigarettes and other tobacco products on the grounds that the measure is an infringement of the international regulations on intellectual property.

Australia became the first country across the world to oblige cigarette makers pack their products in identical generic packs. From December 1st, 2012, cigarettes will be selling in olive-colored packs, lacking any logos or images, besides the graphic health warning labels. The world’s leading tobacco companies , among which are British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International, have pledged to contest the legislation, which Australian lawmakers plan to extend to comprise loose tobacco and cigars.

Ukraine states the peer-reviewed evidence on which the legislation is based is arguable and not sufficient, while plain-packaging regulations will not help to meet the country’s public health goals, but simply contribute to growth of the black market of fake cigarettes.

Cigarette Makers Rely on Menthol Capsules to Boost Profits

Lately, the major cigarette makers in international tobacco industry, including Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International are looking on the innovative menthol capsule technology to boost the sales of their tobacco products.

Japan Tobacco International adds new menthol Pianissimo to the brand family

JTI, the third-leading tobacco company in the world, is launching the brand new version of its popular Pianissimo brand. The latest addition, named Pianissimo ViV Menthol is equipped with “Breath Sparkling Shot”, which is a capsule filled with menthol and mounted in the filters. The new product will be selling from November.

Pianissimo Viv with menthol Capsule

Pianissimo Viv with menthol Capsule

The capsule, an innovative technology, developed by Reynolds American, gives adult smokers a chance to enjoy refreshing menthol taste, while smoking a full-flavored cigarette, by simply breaking the capsule, whenever they want to, said JT spokesman.

In addition, according to JTI press release, “Breath Sparkling Shot” also provides smokers with a more delicious aftertaste instead of the soul taste of harsh tobacco after smoking.

The Japan Tobacco International spokesman said that the name for their new product, ViV (shortened from “vivid”) and its packs will transmit the idea of fun and playfulness of the squeezing menthol capsules.

RJ Reynolds introduces new version of landmark Camel Crush

RJ Reynolds Tobacco, cigarette-making unit of Reynolds American revealed new version of innovative Camel Crush brand, launching a full-flavor cigarette with the revolutionary menthol capsule that is squeezed anytime an adult smoker is willing to.

Japan Tobacco International to Increase Cigarette Prices by 75%

Japan Tobacco International is the world’s third largest cigarette manufacture, lifting its position in almost three years due to speculation it can raise prices more than the tax increases advised by the health minister.

Japan Tobacco International to Increase Cigarette Prices by 75%

JTl to Increase Cigarette Prices by 75%

Japan Tobacco drove 6% to 370,000 yen, the highest intraday level since October 2008. Tobacco taxes in Japan have to be increased until the mean price of a package of cigarettes will constitute 700 yen ($9.15), or 75% higher than the present level, in order to reduce medical costs, Health MinisterYoko Komiyama stated in an interview.

“Tax increases will bring to Japan Tobacco’s revenue growth. If the price will be over 500 yen, it will affect the sales of tobacco, but tobacco companies can still increase revenue when their price growth reflects the higher costs, stated Mikihiko Yamato, a research partner at Japan Invest KK.

The ministry will try to increase tobacco taxes by 100 yen annually for three years.

“At that level, we can hope some people will have the desire to stop smoking, while maintaining the level of tax revenue. I think that it is also the best way to prevent smoking among teenagers,” said Komiyama.

Approximately 10% of Japanese under 20 had lighted up at least once, with 1.2% of them smoking every day, according to a statistics sponsored by the health ministry in 2007.

Attempt to increase taxes have been impeded by government possession of a controlling stake in Japan Tobacco and worries that tax revenue may drop for a country facing the world’s largest public debt.

The tax panel conducted by the Finance Minister Jun Azumi, advises dropping the government’s stake in Japan Tobacco to a third from about half. The manufacturer of Camel and Winston cigarettes has obtained 23% this year in Tokyo trading, valuing at market at 3.7 trillion yen, or $48 billion.

“It is evident that the government will sell a particular amount of Japan Tobacco shares, which will simplify the way company is doing business,” Japan Invest KK’s Yamato said.

The mean price of a package of 20 cigarette raised by 33% last October to 400 yen, or about $5.20. For instance in New York City the average price is $10.80.

Japan Tobacco analysts predict an 11% increase in revenue this fiscal year after raising prices in Russia and other tobacco markets.

The volume of cigarette sales dropped after a tax increase in October lifted prices, according to Japan Tobacco.

The plan to raise taxes comes after the manifesto of the acting Democratic Party of Japan, Komiyama stated. The given manifesto requires canceling the law that the government owns more than half of Japan Tobacco’s shares and states all tobacco-related issues should be added in the health agenda.