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Tips and strategies to give up smoking (Part II)

So, in the first part of this article we discussed the most common reasons for smoking and proposed corresponding ideas to help giving up the habit cold turkey. However, there are the other important reasons that we want to share with you. Here are some of them:

3. I light up when I am irritated, angry or upset in order to get relaxed.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • I reach cigarette whenever I am in a bad temper.
  • Cigarettes help me relax when I am stressed.
  • I smoke when I need to get distracted from something that upsets me.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

strategies to give up smoking

Many smokers particularly nowadays light up a cigarette to forget about the problems in their lives and get through them. In case you have been accustomed to smoking as a sedative, you should seek for other means of calming your nerves or, you would become addicted to getting rid of anger or stress by smoking and get used to lighting up each time problems appear. Try the following strategies to overcome difficulties without cigarettes:


  • Try several relaxation techniques to regain temper and settle nerves when you feel irritated or depressed. Efficient relaxation techniques include breathing exercises, shutting eyes for several minutes, washing your face with cold water or imagining yourself in special place like seaside or luxury hotel. One of these methods should certainly help you calm down.
  • Do physical exercises. Researches found out that jogging, swimming or simple physical exercise remove stress and strengthen body and mind.
  • Bear in mind that cigarettes are not a solution to any problem. Try to find a more effective solution and implement your ideas to reality.
  • Have a rest. Get a vacation if you feel that you can not resist stress anymore. And don’t forget to calm nerves every day using relaxation techniques, at least within 10 minutes.
  • Take a day out and enjoy yourself by having a massage, or haircut, painting a picture or listening to relaxing music, taking a long both with foam or do other things that would make you feel happy and relaxed. Simply, enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

4. I enjoy touching and holding cigarettes in my hands.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • I like holding a cigarette between my fingers.
  • I enjoy the process of lighting up my cigarette.
  • I enjoy looking at the smoke while exhaling.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

If you belong to this group of smokers, you are used to obtaining a pleasure from habits and rituals related to smoking as well as from holding cigarettes in your hands. You always feel yourself more confident or cool with a cigarette between your fingers. Or you simply are accustomed to hold something in your hands and don’t know what to do with them when they are empty. However, you can easily get rid of this physical pleasure by following our tips and strategies below:


  • Use beads, a coin, a ball, a ring or other object that would keep your hands busy but would be less harmful than cigarettes.
  • Hold a pen or marker between your fingers when you feel you want to have a cigarette.
  • Pick up a plastic cig to hold when you feel you loose confidence.
  • Handle a real traditional cigarette in case you only need to touch it, but if holding a cigarette raises the desire to smoke it, disregard this strategy.
  • Eat regularly. Don’t be hungry, since you can confuse hunger and desire to chew something with a wish to light up a cigarette.
  • Invent yourself a hobby or activity that would make your hands busy all the time. You can try embroidering, knitting, painting, baking or other activities.

Check the “Tips and strategies to give up smoking” Part III for getting to know the final reasons and strategies to successfully getting rid of your habit.

Tips and strategies to give up smoking (Part I)

In case you are a regular smoker who tried every possible way to give up but did not manage to kick the pernicious habit down, the health experts have elaborated a special comprehensive list of the reasons to smoke and corresponding means to give up that suit the particular reason the most.

give up smoking

The strategy is rather simple and based on psychologists’ assumption that learning the reason of regular desire to light up a cigarette is a half way to succeed in getting rid of the habit. Scientists believe that smokers could successfully regulate their smoking after studying their everyday habits related to smoking.

So, here is the survey list made by eminent scientists. Look through the list of reasons and find the one that would be the most appropriate to your situation. Then check the tips that would help you defeat your smoking habit cold turkey, without paying for cessation therapies. In order to identify namely your reason, the psychologists provided several easy to answer questions that define the peculiarities of each reason.

1. Cigarettes give me joy (pleasure, delight).

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • Smoking makes me pleased and delighted.
  • Smoking helps me forget about problems.
  • I am used to light up when I am in good mood.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

This is reason is common to the overwhelming majority of smokers since they admit they simply like the process. So if you bear in mind a relation of smoking with pleasure it only consolidates your cravings, since there is no person in the world who would deny getting an additional pleasure. However, it would be much easier for you to give up if you convince yourself that you can enjoy life without tobacco and switch your attention to other pleasures of life. The following strategies give some efficient ideas to make you think about cigarettes less.


  • Focus on enjoying the pleasures and advantages of non-smokers.
  • Take the cash you spend on smokes and make yourself another pleasure: buy something, go to a restaurant or a nightclub, invite your friends for a party, or do any other activity that would make you feel happy and pleased.
  • Always think about the health dangers related to smoking and the benefits of giving up. You can even hang pictures of smokers’ lungs to imagine the health complications more vividly.

2. Cigarettes provide me with energy and strength.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • I take a drag when feel that I am slowing down.
  • I light up seeking for a burst of energy.
  • Cigarettes tope me up when I feel tired.
  • In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

    A great part of smokers admit they use cigarettes for the same features like in coffee: to wake up faster, start moving, keep doing their work especially when they feel tired and need a burst of energy. The nicotine contained in cigarettes has the same properties like caffeine; it stimulates mental and motor activity during a short period of time. However, we advise you to take a look at other less harmful sources of energy. Look through the following tips:


  • Try to sleep 8 hours each day. A complete night rest would make you feel active, fresh and ready to rumble.
  • Regularly do physical exercises. Physical activity would help you increase strength and the level of energy, so you would not need artificial boosts to get moving.
  • When you feel tired, take a walk around your work place, it is a natural boost to physiological activity without any related health complications.
  • Consume healthy food, vegetables, fruit, meat or fish since natural food is a great source of energy.
  • Drink fresh water. It would clear your body from toxins and refresh thoughts and feelings.
  • If you feel that you are getting bored, while being home, try to change your activity, read a book, watch a film, go outside for a walk or visit a friend. You should not feel bored since it takes energy.

These are the two principal reasons for smoking. For other reasons and corresponding strategies to quit smoking see “Tips and strategies to give up smoking” Part II…stay updated!