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New Evidence Found for Keeping Menthol Cigarettes Legal

Menthol cigarettes less harmful than non-menthol

A researcher from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has discovered that smokers of menthol cigarettes aged 50 and over are less likely to pass away from lung cancer in comparison to those who smoke regular-flavored cigarettes, said a report published in the Winston-Salem Journal.

Brian Rostron, the scientist at the Center for Tobacco Products run by the FDA, compared data of 6,074 adult smokers between 1987 and 2006, with 1,417 being menthol smokers among them.

The lower likeability of premature death from lung tumor was discovered in all age and sex groups, as well as between black and white smokers.

“These results share the expectations that any relation between lung cancer and smoking of menthol cigarettes would be the most in the age when smokers have accumulated more years of smoking,” Prof. Rostron mentioned in a study published in the Nicotine & Tobacco Research Journal.

The latest report could be used as yet another evidence in the heated public-health discussions over menthol-flavored cigarettes that have been the only segment of American cigarette market to post continuous growth, according to the Winston-Salem Journal report.

The Food and Drug Administration started an independent review of scientific base after its Tobacco Products Advisory Panel issued a report recommending to prohibit mentholated cigarettes.

Lorillard Gave Teens Free Cigarettes

A Massachusetts jury has decided that the Lorillard Tobacco Co. attempted to attract African-American teenagers to smoking by giving out free cigarettes. The jury awarded $71 million compensation to son and the estate of a female smoker who died of lung cancer.


The Suffolk Superior Court jury read out its ruling last week after hearing months of testimony.

Mr. Willie Evans stated Lorillard, the oldest tobacco company in the nation, enticed his mother, Marie Evans, to trying cigarettes in the 1950s by providing her with free Newport cigarettes during a project held in at the Orchard Park residential complex in Boston, where she resided. He noted his mother was smoking during almost 40 years and died after continuous battle against lung cancer at age 54.

According to the verdict, Lorillard would have to pay late Marie Evans’ estate $50 million in damages and awarded another $21 million to her son.

During the lawsuit, an attorney for Greensboro-based Lorillard, and manufactures flagship Newport brand, and Kent, True, Maverick and other brands, declared that the company, like its major rivals, distributed free cigarette samples many years ago to adult smokers trying to attract them to its products. However, the lawyer insisted it did not distribute any samples to adolescents and said that the allegation that it intentionally passed out free cigarettes to African-American kids “disturbing.”

Lorillard attorney as well stated Evans decided to begin smoking and did not quit the habit even after a heart attack she had in 1985 when her doctors repeatedly asked her to get rid of smoking. The company’s spokesman declared they would appeal the ruling.

“Lorillard respectfully expresses disagreement with the ruling and negates the plaintiff’s allegation that it gave samples to adolescents or adults at Orchard Park in Boston in the 1960s,” Lorillard spokesperson Gregg Perry stated. “The plaintiff’s testimony based on 50-year-old memories was convincingly contradicted by several witnesses. Lorrilard is set to appeal this ruling and is confident the Massachusetts Court of Appeals would review that case.”

This lawsuit is the first of its kind in the United States to accuse a tobacco company of attracting African-American adolescents by giving out cigarette samples in urban neighborhoods, admitted Edward A. Sweda, Tobacco Products Liability Project attorney.

Sweda said this lawsuit could result in similar lawsuits across the nation by other people who were given free cigarettes in their childhood.

Marie Evans’ attorney stated she got her first cigarettes when she was 9 and first passed them to her older sisters or exchanged them for candy, but she started smoking when she was 13.

Jurors also were ale to hear Evan’s testimony through a videotaped recording she gave to her attorneys in 2002, shortly before her death. On the tape, she admitted free cigarettes had a great effect on her, because they were available and she needed no money to get them.

Cigarettes made in U.S. are more carcinogenic

A research carried by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that cigarette brands produced by U.S. tobacco companies in comparison with cigarettes brands produced in other countries, possess higher levels of toxic chemicals that provoke cancer.

As concluded the CDC research team, the USA tobacco mixture comprises more cancer-causing substances than cigarettes manufactured in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Carcinogens and our life

In the course of research scientists examined 126 smokers from Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The examined smokers were aged 18-55 years and smoked daily around 15 cigarettes for the last 12 months.

The examined participants were devoted to “American Blend” cigarette brand for more than 3 months. The CDC team hasn’t specified what kind of U.S. brand was used, only stating that it as a popular “American blend”.

Among the brands that appeared in research were Players in Canada produced by Imperial Tobacco, Lorillard’s Newport, Marlboro produced by Philip Morris USA, UK’s Benson & Hedges and Winfield in Australia produced by British American Tobacco.

More than 2000 cigarettes butts were examined by the research team.

After examining cigarettes made in Canada, USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the scientists found out that tobacco products from United States identifying as ‘American Blend’ contain high levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines and cancer-causing chemicals that favor the development of malignant tumors.

Whereas cigarettes made in other countries contained other types of tobacco that have shown lower levels of carcinogens.

In order to calculate the levels of TSNA, the researches measured the quantity of these substances in cigarettes butts, in saliva and urine of those smokers who participate in the research. They came to conclusion that smokers of cigarettes made in USA were exposed to three-time higher levels of carcinogens than smokers who prefer cigarettes brand from other countries.

“It is obvious that cigarette brands that are produced in different countries differ in methods of fags’ production and also in applied ingredients”, said Dr. James Pirkle, vice manager for science at CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health. “All of those tested tobacco products demonstrate high amount of cancer-causing substances, although, the study shows that the levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines differ from nation to nation, and cigs made in U.S. contain the highest levels of this substances” the scientist concluded.

The obtained data are published in the latest ‘Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention’ Journal.

The present research is one more proof showing the severe consequences of tobacco usage,
that is the major cause of preventable deaths all around the world, tacking the lives of more than
5 million people per year.

According to the recent report presented by the World Health Organization, more than 8 million of people will die till 2030 if tobacco usage is not reduced.

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