Some useful tips on how to cut the expenses on cigarettes

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So, you are interested in saving money when buying your more than ever precious smokes? … Well, let me first of all remind you that smoking is hazardous for your health. It is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths across America. Smoking as well brings a major blow to your pocketbook. Tips on how to cut the expenses on cigarettes It sounds especially shocking in the middle of economic downturn.

Simply try to estimate how much money you could have saved if you were not smoking for 15 years. I bet, the sum of money you have wasted on smokes will enrage so much that your sole desire will be an instant cigarette break! If you still have no wish to kick down your unhealthy habit, this article will be very useful for you.

Cigarettes became a very costly habit these days, since it urged to be a source of easy money or the government. In my opinion, the issue with constant tobacco tax increases is a sort of ridiculous since the authorities claim that the major cause of those increases is the desire to reduce the consumption of tobacco products among adults and minors, however, at the same time the same authorities allocate funds to support tobacco growers…The main point is that smoking is a sort of a vacuum cleaner to your wallet that constantly sucks out a good round sum of money from you pocket, thus, it sounds like a wise decision to try to cut back the expenses on your smokes. Let’s consider just several easy things to do in order to save some money on your beloved cigarettes:

Indian Reservations. Of course, many smokers reside miles away from any of 310 Indian Tribal Lands scattered across the US. Yet, if you do have a reservation not far away from your home town, I advise to hit the road and visit one those little smoke stores operated by tribes, since those little stores are exempted from hefty state and federal taxes because of their sovereign status. This fact could help you buy your precious smokes for up to 20% less in comparison with your local convenience stores in case you prefer brand cigarettes, like Camels, Marlboros or Newports. You also will be able to save even more money by buying on those Indian made cigarettes produced by local Indian manufacturers.

Tobacco shops. These diminutive stores are a real treasure for the smokers since they do not only provide little discounts but also are plenty of non-premium generic brands that can save you some money. Another advantage of such shops is that they are smoker-friendly, meaning that you can buy some cigarettes and smokes them near the cash register. It’s a rather nice thing, especially when it comes to the states with strict indoor smoking regulations.

Discount Coupons. Don’t expect that you will get a dramatic discount from tobacco industry tycoons, since they usually don’t have a habit of sharing their revenues with simple smokers; however, they are lending you a helping hand by providing faithful customers with discount coupons. And you too can make use of those plumy coupon deals. Search coupons in newspapers or surf the web and register on the official web-site of your preferred brand. Being a member of such sites could be very advantageous for you since it will help you get the desired discount coupons and other pretty options. After a while, you will also become an active member of the site community and will be gifted with small but enjoyable gifts, like lighters or caps with company logo.

Cheaper brands. In case you prefer smoking only famous cigs, you should simply skip this paragraph. But if you don’t mind trying something new by switching to other less expensive brands you can try generic and discount brands that are much cheaper than premium cigarettes. I even saw some cunning fellows who buy those cheap cigs and put them in the Marlboro’s pack. In case you are curios to know whether those discount brands are of the same quality as the premium ones, I will not palter. Sincerely speaking the difference in quality and taste seemed apparent to me. However, if we speak about savings, this is a nice way to save some cash.

Promotions and offers. Sometimes wholesalers provide cigarette stores with promotions of unknown brands like buy two packs and get the third one for free and other nice deals. You would be amazed to get to know how many offers are not advertised but still could be find on the shelves.

Roll-your-own tobacco. Visit your local smoke shops and ask the salesperson to help you choose premium-quality tobacco and special paper. You will be amazed to hear the price that would be much smaller than what you pay for a carton of cigarettes. However, there is the reverse side of the medal here, since it would take some time and skills from you to learn how to roll cigarettes in the best possible way. So, prepare for some ugly cigarettes and a different taste since there would be no filter. The lack of filter will inevitably contribute to a much harsher taste. But if we speak about the money you save, it is a very effective way to do it. As an advantage you also get a look of a cowboy from those retro ads, girls will definitely like it.

Pack cigarettes by yourself. You also will have to buy a pouch of tobacco, rolling paper and a special device to pack your own cigarettes. Don’t worry the device is not very expensive, but it will help to return the filter on its place, and the cigarettes look much better than they are packed using the devise than when you roll them by yourself. So, you will get nice filtered cigarettes and the money back to your pocketbook.

Internet Shops. Still, there is another option that many smokers have taken advantage of – it is the foreign Internet shops. Well, I have to warn you that such stores are semi-legal, however, with our so-called democracy; everything that is not banned by the authorities is legal. So in case you are ready for a difference in taste and brave enough to avoid paying state and federal taxes, you are welcome to one of such shops. Simply, type “cigarettes shop” in Google and you will find plenty of such sites. Next time i’ll present the list of trustworthy online cigarette stores and their reviews. So, don’t forget to subscribe to RSS 😉

That’s it. As you can see, there are many ways to cut back your expenses on cigarettes. However, let me remind you once again that the best thing is to give up smoking and stop spending your money on cigarettes.

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