Tips and strategies to give up smoking (Part III)

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If you have read Part I and II of this article, you are already aware of several reasons that keep people lighting up and strategies to give up smoking. Finally, we have reached the last part of the article and today we are going to discuss the most difficult situations when smokers think that giving up is almost impossible. However, we have elaborated some strategies for these reasons. So, let’s discuss the following reasons:

5. I am hooked on cigarettes. I feel nicotine cravings.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • When I haven’t lighted up during a couple of hours I become agitated and nervous and feel a need for a strong for a cigarette.
  • When I lack cigarettes I can not bear cravings until I finally manage to buy smokes.
  • I have a headache when I can not reach a cigarette.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

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The majority of long-time regular smokers become chain-smokers after just several years of puffing, since they get addicted to cigarettes and namely to one ingredient – nicotine. And, when these group of smokers hooked on cigarettes decide to give up, many find it impossible since they are not able to overcome nicotine withdrawal period. The withdrawal symptoms range from headaches, tiredness, nervousness, irritation to a strong desire to have at least one drag. Many former smokers compare their cigarette cravings with lost love or missing somebody.

Well, scientists admit that it is very difficult to overcome nicotine addiction and many smokers do no manage to get rid of it on the first try, however, those people who have a strong wish to quit, usually succeed in giving up on third or fourth try. However, once you finally overcome the withdrawal period you would not have any cravings. That is a great source of motivation for many potential quitters. Psychologists have elaborated several strategies that could help get through the cravings and get rid of smoking for the rest of your life. These are most commonly cited tips by ex-smokers.


  • Visit you physician and get some nicotine replacement therapies that would help you overcome nicotine cravings.
  • Discuss your decision to give up smoking with your relatives, ask them to help you. Throw away the ashtrays and reserve of cigarettes. Avoid meeting smokers and visiting places were people smoke.
  • Another advice is to smoke twice as more as you usually do each day since the overdose may ruin your taste for smokes.
  • Consider yourself a non-smoker. Place “No Smoking” signs at home and workplace.
  • Invent several activities that will distract you from missing smoking.
  • Drink much water to wash nicotine from your body.

Remember that nicotine withdrawal lasts during 14-20 days. Be strong and hang on!

6. I am used to smoking, it is a habit.

Extra question: Do you light up due to at least one of the following reasons?

  • I reach for a cigarette automatically each time when I read a newspaper or drink my coffee.
  • I start smoking without looking on my ashtray where I already have a burning cigarette.
  • I realize that I am smoking without remembering when I lighted the cigarette up.

In case your answer is “yes”, “frequently”, “from time to time” to these questions, that is your reason to puff.

If you belong to this group, it means you no longer gain much pleasure from your cigarettes. In contrast to those smokers who puff for pleasure or to get relieved from stress, you would not miss your habit much in case you gave up. The most important part is breaking the smoking habit. So make use of the following strategies that can help you quit.


  • Reduce the number of cigarettes step-by-step. Light up fewer smokes every day or smoke only a half of each cigarette. Try to inhale more seldom and less deeply. Within several weeks it would be much easier for you to give up smoking altogether.
  • Change the habits that accompany smoking. Put your cigarettes to another place. Hold your cigarette with another hand. Stop doing anything else when you light up a cigarette.
  • Smoke only in a particular place, in one room, or even outside your house.
  • When you feel a desire to smoke, stop for a moment and think about other things you can do instead of puffing.
  • Each time you want a cigarette, ask yourself: Do I need this cig? Do I want it to make me cough? It would definitely help you avoid smoking so much.
  • Establish a deadline for quitting smoking completely and keep to it.

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